Tarun Ghulati: Connecting Sanatan Roots to London - Running for Mayor!
Delhi, 25 October (H.S) :Tarun Ghulati is a proud Hindu who has a deep connection to his Sanatan roo

Delhi, 25 October (H.S) :Tarun Ghulati is a proud Hindu who has a deep connection to his Sanatan roots after spending many years in India. He is now running as an Independent for Mayor of London and is expected to be a top contender in the elections. His main goal is to ensure that London, his home for 20 years, remains a leading global city and that all Londoners feel safe, secure, and empowered with opportunities for growth.

Tarun strongly believes in improving wellbeing and living standards for everyone, especially for low and middle-income households. He has unique ideas for leveling up the city, driven by his passion and confidence that they will bring a sense of pride and renewed enthusiasm to all Londoners.

In a media interaction from Hyderabad, Tarun expressed his excitement about his candidacy and his plans to build stronger connections among nations whose diaspora call London home. He believes that fostering these connections will lead to economic growth, increased efficiency and innovation, and ultimately, a thriving London. Tarun's visit to Hyderabad, a truly global city with a robust startup ecosystem, is just the beginning of his campaign to build a better future for London.

Seeking the blessings of Lord Balaji at Chilkur temple, he hopes to see increased cohesiveness between countries through people-to-people and business connections, especially with the upcoming Free Trade Agreement between India and the UK. Tarun is determined to use his experience and knowledge to create a prosperous and inclusive London for all its residents.

Hindusthan Samachar/ Indrani Sarkar

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