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Office for Work From Home, novel idea
, 22 September (H.S) Hindusthan Samachar/Office for Work from Home, novel idea Nagpur:- Work Fro
Office for Work From Home, novel idea

, 22 September (H.S)

Hindusthan Samachar/Office for Work from Home, novel idea


Work From Home, has emerged as new concept following Corona pandemic. Initially it was accepted as the workers saved on travel time and expenses on other items. It was also expected to end soon. The fear of getting infected was also eliminated as the workers felt safe in their homes.

None expected that the concept of ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) would suddenly become a regular practice. The employers understood the benefits they are drawing from this new way of managing their work force. They saved on office expenses, electricity bills, building rent, transport allowance and other facilities offered to the employees.

The WFH concept aptly fit the requirements of IT industry, where the employees are not required to remain present physically. They can be easily accessed through internet.

The IT company owners have categorically stated that their output has increased. So much so that it has gone beyond 100 percent.

The psychologists and psychiatrists have been talking about long term adverse effect of WHF for a longer period. This is what is being realized by the employees now.

The reasons for higher output was the fear of losing jobs. Many of those in IT industry and in senior positions worked for more than 10-12 hours everyday. They ignored all their social engagements and responsibilities. The disturbance at home was another factor that affected their family life. The companies readily provided them gadgets and even furniture required to work from home.

The disturbance in family and social life started surfacing. There is reported rise in cases of domestic violence. Not only life partners, but children becoming violent, lethargic, demanding have been reported. Queues at consulting psycholgists and psychiatrists started lengthening.

NOVEL APPROACH: Realising these problems of workers because of WFH, a residential society in Pimpri-Chinchwad of Pune district worked out a novel idea of making a separate ‘Office’. The space has all the facilities like an office and is called ‘Work From Home Office’. The workers gather there at their office time, work as if they are in their office, without any disturbance. At the same time they have new colleagues to work with, may be from different companies.

The housing society of about 160 apartments worked out the details on requirements of those willing to work at WFH Office. The basic facilities were provided and it worked out to be a successful experiment. Those who have opted to avail the facility created right near their residence and without any disturbances, have welcomed the facility. The documentary on this WFH Office was aired on a television channel recently.


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