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Yuvraj Singh breaks silence after 4 months of retirement


New Delhi,
Sept.27 (HS): Yuvraj Singh broke his silence almost four months after announcing
his retirement from international cricket in June this year - why he had to
take a retirement. 

He told that the Indian team management kept new challenges
in front of him. Yuvraj regretted that no one sat with him nor informed him of
the team's plans.

Yuvraj said,
'I never thought that after being' man of the match 'in 2 out of 8-9 matches, I
will be dropped. I got injured and I was told Sri Lanka should be ready for the
series. Then suddenly a picture of the Yo-Yo test came out. It was a U-turn in
my selection. At the age of 36, I suddenly had to go back and prepare for the
yo-yo test. Even after this, when I cleared the Yo-Yo test, I was told that I
have to play domestic cricket.

Yuvraj said
that he (team management) felt that I would not be able to clear the Yo-Yo test
due to my age. And after that they will be easy to get me out ... Yes, you can
say that it was an excuse.

Champion all-rounder Yuvraj
Singh announced his retirement from all formats of cricket on 10 June this
year. Yuvraj was part of India's two World Champion (World T20 in 2007 and
World Cup in 2011) teams and he made a special impression with his performance
in both the tournaments.

When Rohit
Sharma was selected as the opening batsman in the Test, Yuvraj Singh said,
"I think Rohit Sharma should have been given an opportunity in the opening
long before the Test." Yuvraj said, 'Rohit Sharma got a chance in the
opening with a lot of delay in the Test. 
Rohit should have got the opening in
Test matches long ago.