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Gavaskar's big statement on match fixing, explains the real reason


New Delhi,
Sept.23 (HS): Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar believes that it is difficult
to completely control match fixing in cricket because there will always be
someone willing to do it in greed that has no cure. 

Gavaskar reacted after the
players and officials associated with the Tamil Nadu Premier League were
accused of being involved in match fixing. Investigation is going on in this

'Cricbuzz' website quoted Gavaskar as saying, 'Greed is something in which any seminar
with education, guidance and anti-corruption people is not going to help. Greed
is a human thing. Gavaskar gave this response during a program in Bengaluru.

He said,
'Even in the best society, the most developed society, there are criminals. In
cricket too, there will always be people who will be affected by greed. For
some reason or other, they can force them to do something. I don't think this
is something that you can control completely. However, this former great
batsman said that now it is not possible that you escape by doing wrong things.

Gavaskar said, 'I can imagine that sometimes, given the circumstances, the
player may think that I will escape from it. But you can not avoid it. Because
the coverage of television is very wide, every aspect is covered ... if you do
something wrong you will be busted. Gavaskar, however, supported the domestic
league like TNPL and said that it brings new talent.