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Sri Lankan President announcement in talks with Modi, will release all Indian boats


New Delhi
, Nov 29 (HS): The new President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, is on his
first official foreign trip to India. On Friday, he held bilateral talks with
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he discussed everything from terrorism
to trade. In a joint press conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that
India opposes terrorism in every form and our fight against it will continue,
India will continue to support Sri Lanka in this fight.

In this
joint press conference of the two countries, the President of Sri Lanka has
made a big announcement. All the boats/boats of India are still in Sri Lankan
custody, now Sri Lanka will leave them all. The issue between fishermen and
Indo-Sri Lanka is very old, often the fishermen wander the way and cross the
maritime boundary, which causes a lot of trouble.

In a joint press conference, PM Modi said, 'I congratulate the President for the decisive
victory in the elections, the strength, and maturity of democracy in Sri Lanka
is a matter of pride. It is an honor for us that President Rajapaksa chose
India for the first visit, this is proof of the friendship of India-Sri

PM Modi
said, ' India stands with Sri Lanka for the progress, peace, and prosperity of
both countries. A stable, secure Sri Lanka is in the interest of not only India
but also the Indian subcontinent. India-Sri Lanka is the closest maritime
neighbor, the strong relationship between the two countries is the historical

During this
time, Prime Minister Modi said that under our government 'Neighbor First'
policy, we give priority to relations with Sri Lanka. Today, bilateral and
international affairs were discussed between the President and me. We have
decided that together we will strengthen the multi-faceted partnership between
the two countries.

He said,
'India's cooperation will be on the priority of the people of Sri Lanka, a new
line of credit of 400 million dollars will give a boost to development in Sri
Lanka. Under the Indian Housing Project, 46 thousand houses are being built in
the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka, now work is being done for
Tamils ​​of Indian origin living in Sri Lanka. The $ 100 million announced for
the solar project will go on the line of credit.

Lanka condemned terrorism in their shared statement. PM Modi said, 'India has
always opposed terrorism in every form, appealed to the international community
to take action against other forms of terrorism including cross-border
terrorism. On the occasion of Easter this year, terrorists in Sri Lanka
attacked the heritage of mankind, India stands with Sri Lanka in the fight
against terror.