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Sonia Gandhi: Tried to break the alliance, BJP will be exposed


New Delhi,
Nov 28 (HS): The interim president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, once targeted
the Modi government. In the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting on Thursday,
Sonia Gandhi said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made a shameless effort
in Maharashtra. She also criticized that India's political leaders were not
allowed to visit Jammu and Kashmir, a shameful act of Narendra Modi and Amit

In the
Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) meeting in the Central Hall of Parliament,
Sonia Gandhi lashed out at the Center and said that we are meeting this
morning, which can only be described as a shameless attempt to end democracy in
Maharashtra. The governor behaved in an unprecedented and highly condemnable
manner. There is no doubt that he acted under the instructions of the Prime
Minister and the Home Minister.

She said
that BJP could not maintain the pre-election alliance due to its arrogance and
over-confidence. Every possible attempt was made to sabotage the formation of
a three-party coalition government, but we appealed to the Supreme Court and
the Modi-Shah government was fully exposed. Let me assure you, all three of us
are united in thwarting the manipulative strategy of BJP.

on the visit of the delegation of EU MPs to Kashmir. Sonia Gandhi said that
India's politicians were not allowed to go to Jammu and Kashmir, but some
European MPs were allowed to go there. It was a shameful act of Narendra Modi
and Amit Shah. Regarding WhatsApp privacy, Sonia said that the Modi government
is taking away the fundamental rights of the people.

Sonia Gandhi
surrounded the Modi government on the sale of profit-making public sector
undertakings (PSUs) and said that it is being sold to friends of Narendra Modi.