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54-day-long Telangana transport workers' strike ends


Telangana, Nov
29 (HS): The strike of the employees of the Telangana State Transport Department,
which has been going on for 54 days, ended today. After the Chief Minister's Chandrasekhar
Rao, assurance to all the employees, has returned. After the strike ended, the
employees celebrated by distributing sweets. All the employees have reached
their depots today and have resumed work.

The strike
started in October, when the KCR government refused to accept the demand of
transport workers. After this, all the transport workers went on strike. All
employees were dismissed by CM KCR, angry with the strike. After this, the
strike went on for 54 days. During this time 6 employees committed suicide,
while dozens of employees died of a heart attack.

The striking
employees were on indefinite strike for the last 54 days, including the merger
of the Corporation with the State Transport Department. The strike, which began
on October 5, involved 48 thousand workers. Now, with the end of the strike and
the return of the employees to work, the state government has breathed a sigh
of relief, while the common citizens have got relief from the difficulties in
the traffic.