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Delhi government announces free Wi-Fi in Delhi


Delhi government announces free Wi-Fi in Delhi

New Delhi,
Nov 04 (HS): Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announces Free WiFi in
Delhi. in First phase, 3000 wifi-hotspots will be installed at all the bus stands in
Delhi. There will be a total of 11000 hotspots all over Delhi. Every user will
get 15 GB of free data per month. officials said that It would be started from 16th December.

All the
official process like Cabinet approval and tender process regarding free wifi
has been completed. On August 8, the cabinet had approved the installation of free wifi hotspots at 4000
bus stops and 100 hotspots in each assembly. The government will spend
around Rs 100 crore annually for this project.

Samachar / Radha/ Jiten