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Abdul Jabbar, the activist of the Bhopal gas tragedy, dies


New Delhi, Nov
15 (HS): Abdul Jabbar, the activist of the Bhopal gas tragedy, died.  Jabbar fought a long battle to bring justice to the victims of the gas tragedy. He lost his parents in this tragedy. Also, his lungs and eyes were
also severely affected. He could see very little with one eye.

Abdul Jabbar
was ill for several days. A day before his death, the Madhya Pradesh government
announced to bear the cost of his treatment. Chief Minister Kamal Nath had also
tweeted and told to bear the cost of treatment of Abdul Jabbar.

the Bhopal gas tragedy is one of the most frightening and painful industrial
tragedy. For the victims of the tragedy, this is a wound that is still fresh in
people's minds. On the night of 2 December 1984, over 30 tons of highly toxic
methyl isocyanate from the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal killed thousands of


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