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Food, drink to be costlier in Railway


New Delhi,
Nov 15 (HS): A circular issued by the director of the Railway Board has shown
that tea, snacks, and food are going to be expensive in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and
Duronto Train. Be prepared to spend more for tea, snacks, and meals when
traveling by train.

According to
the new rates applicable for Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi trains, passengers
of second AC will now have to pay Rs 20 for tea, while sleeper class passengers
will have to pay Rs 15. In Duronto's sleeper class, breakfast or food was
earlier available for Rs 80 which would be Rs 120. At the same time, the price
of evening tea is going to increase from Rs 20 to Rs 50.

The new menu
and charges in the ticketing system will be updated in 15 days while it will be
implemented after 120 days (four months). Then in the first AC coach of the
capital, food will be available for Rs 245 instead of Rs 145. The new menus and
charges will be updated in 15 days and will be implemented after four months.

The new
rates will affect the common people. The changed rates will affect not only the
passengers of premium trains but also the common people. A regular vegetarian
meal will be available for Rs 80 in regular mail and express trains, which is
currently priced at Rs 50. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
(IRCTC) will provide egg biryani to railway passengers for 90 rupees and
chicken biryani for 110 rupees. Chicken curry will also be served in regular
trains at a cost of Rs 130.