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Bengaluru Police adops new method for the traffic rules


Bengaluru, Nov
29 (HS): Bengaluru Police of Karnataka has adopted an amazing method so that
people will be scared of the law and they follow the traffic rules. Along with
the police, effigies of police will also stand on the streets of Bengaluru,
which will motivate people to follow the traffic rules. There are plans to erect
a total of 200 such effigies in the city on behalf of the Bengaluru Police.
This statue is fully dressed in a traffic police dress, wearing glasses, wearing
a hat. So far, they have been deployed in more than 60 places in Bengaluru, but
in the next one week, a target has been made to install more than 200 places.

Traffic Police Commissioner Ravikant Gowda said that people often break traffic
rules at the intersections, if the police are standing on the road, people are
a little nervous about breaking the rules.

He said that
this is the reason that such technology has been adopted so that it can be
used where the policemen are not deployed and there will be an atmosphere in
the people that the traffic police are stationed there.

The Bengaluru
police said that once this experiment is successful, then cameras will also be
fitted in these statues on their behalf, so that the movement of the people can
be cut. This initiative of Bengaluru Police is also being discussed on social