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Devendra Fadnavis served notices by the court


Mumbai, Nov
29 (HS): Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is now finding
himself in trouble. As soon as he stepped down from the post, a summons has
been issued to him by the court. Confirmation of this was given by Inspector
Mahesh Bansode of Nagpur. He told that the court summons has been given to
Devendra Fadnavis. This summon is in connection with hiding the information of
two criminal cases running against him. 

Fadnavis was
alleged that he did not give information about two criminal cases running based on
his own affidavit given during the 2014 assembly elections. The
petitioner contended that Fadnavis violated Section 125A of the Representation
of the People Act, 1951 by doing so. In this regard, the Lower Court and the
High Court had said that no prima facie case is made against Fadnavis.

The petitioner had said that it is legally mandatory for a candidate to give
information about all criminal cases. On this, it was clarified by the Fadnavis
government that, the first case is of defamation, in which the High court gave
relief to CM Devendra Fadnavis. At the same time, the second case is about tax
on slum property. Both these cases were in public interest, there was no
personal interest in them.