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It's official: Maywati-led BSP is the richest political party

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 15 2019 7:49PM
It's official: Maywati-led BSP is the richest political party
Lucknow,Apri)If you thought the BSP,headed by a Dalit leader,Mayawati, was a poor party, think again.It is the richest political outfit.The BJP which is ruling at the Centre and in the state (UP) is poor fourth. How?Go through the bank accounts for four major political parties and you will find the answer.The BSP has accounts in eight different commercial banks.These accounts have balances totalling Rs 670 crores.It has another 95 crores of rupees as " cash in hand". It has come to light because it is mandatory to submit to the Election Commission details of expenditures made during elections and balance remaining with a political party.The parties submitted their reports in February last. Another party , a party of the "backwards" and "poor",Samajwadi Party,has also a large sums in banks.It is richer than two other parties, the Congress and the BJP, but poorer than the BSP. The party which demands reservation in jobs and educational institutions based on population and claims that it is the upper castes which have amassed huge wealth has Rs 471 crore in its bank accounts. A fall in contribution has been marked after declaration of results of recent Assembly elections held in central part of the country which are also called Hindi Heartlands. The grand old party which has lost its shine had only Rs 196 crore in its kitty. The balance may be higher as much more was contributed after recent victory in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh Assembly elections .It has not updated its account. It was not poor in any case as it claims to have spent Rs 758 crores in recent elections,the largest of all the parties. As much as 87% of the income has been made by voluntary contributions.The BJP in addition to cash contributions has gained Rs 210 crores from electoral bonds in 2017-18. HS/RN
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