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Resurgence Of Voter in Coastal AP

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 15 2019 1:53PM
Resurgence Of Voter in Coastal AP
Andhra Pradesh: Amaravati: April 15 (HS) The voters in many polling booths on polling day on April 11th in the state of Andhra Pradesh lined up to cast their vote till late night. The polling commenced at 7 am and was to complete by 6PM but voters remained in Q lines by bearing the hot sun and also not run away from the clashes between the political groups .Loss of time during the failure of EVM prompted many voter to go home in the early hours and rejoined the long queue post lunch.Even the women and aged also stood in the lines till their turn came for voting. Ruling party second rung leaders created violance incidents to disturb the voters by deliberately playing mischief as they were presumably losing the election but the voters bravely waited for their turn.Actually, the poling completed at 6Pm but by that time, the officials announed that all voters in the lines will be allowed to cast their vote and the booths would be opened till the last voter finishes his voting.Thus close to 400 polling booths in Krishna district and else where were alive with enthusiastic women and elderly men waiting for their turn.This prompted a sitting ruling party legislator Vallabhaneni vamsi to reach a polling booth and object to long queues being formed and allowing voters to cast their vote after scheduled time .He feared the opposition is rigging electionsto its advantage,All this leads to 76.64% across the state of AP on Thursday polling . Its a fact that the political parties lured the voters by offering some free bees and some officials threaten the voters to support the rulung party, but that did not cut ice .From this trend, the voters from other 6 phases may learn lesson to stay in lines to finish their voting.It is a transformation towards vibrant democracy and also commitment by the voters to exercise their franchise without fear indeed,K,Ramakrishna Reddy /Hindustahn Samachar /Vijayawada. \
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