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"I have become gaali-proof now":PM

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 14 2019 6:31PM
New Delhi,April 14(HS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi covered two states,different from each other socially and culturally and addressed three rallies on Sunday,hitting the Congress-NC and SP-BSP-RLD alliances hard as the second phase of elections drew near. Addressing a rally at Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir,he made a special mention of the threat posed to the nation by two Kashmir-based outfits,the NC and PDP and asserted " Naa Main Darta Hum,Naa Jhukata Hun ( neither am I afraid,nor do I bow)" to such threats. He,however, believed that like Pakistan they would not carry the threat."Pakistan also used to issue threat of nuclear war.But it did not launch any.These parties which have threatened to destroy the nation if Article 35A was removed,too, would not be able to cause any harm to the country". The Congress which claims to be a Pundit- friend did not nothing during its rule to prevent exodus of Pundits from the valley."Their houses were burnt and looted but the party provided no assistance to them .They had no option in such a situation than leaving their homes and in settling in refugee camps". In all the rallies addressed on Ambedkar Jayanti,he emphasised on nationalism.He said that for him the nation was first and not family.The reference was to the Congress. His mission,he stressed,at all these places,was to remove corrupton,terrorism and poverty and he would go ahead with it whatever the opposition may say or do. Referring to the SP-BSP-RLD alliance in UP,at Aligarh and Moradabad,two other meetings,the PM said he has one agenda and the this "maha-milawati" alliance another."Their one point agenda is to remove Modi somehow or the other.They have no agenda for development of the state or the nation". Referring to the use of bad words and language against him he said," I have become gali-proof now.Their abuses do not hurt me any more". These parties still rely on caste-based politics,though it was rejected in the state in 2017.What is more surprising,they have fielded some of those who hesitate to sing Bande Maatram . Modi claimed at these rallies that there was stronger wave than the one in 2014 in favour of the BJP in the country and that it would win three times more seats than those by the Congress. In the second phase,votes will be casts in 97 constituencies spread over 13 states on April 18. HS/RN
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