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Mahabharat of Maharajganj: Constituency to witness interesting scenario

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 14 2019 2:36PM
Mahabharat of Maharajganj: Constituency to witness interesting scenario
Chapra, Apr 14 (HS): Maharajganj parliamentary constituency which one had salvaged late prime minister Chandra Shekhar is going to witness interesting scenario initially. Chandra Shekhar, though had resigned from this seat after securing victory in Ballia also. In this election sitting MP Janardan Singh Sigriwal has been again made the BJP candidate. Sigriwal, for the first time, had become independent MLA from Jalalpur flouting the directive of party, later to show his loyalty to party again. He served as minister also in Bihar. Sigriwal is a person of very low profile, easily accessible and very modest. Though, some taint has shadowed his personality, and Vigilance department has chargesheeted him also in connection of misappropriation of government money in the capacity of secretary of two non aided colleges, he is considered a harmless person. He moves wit smile on his lips with folded hands and never forgets to honour seniors. RJD has pitted Randhir Singh against him. Randhir Singh is son of incarcerated ex MP Prabhunath Singh who had represented Maharajganj constituency thrice. Sigriwal had defeated him in 2014. After this win, he resigned from Chapra assembly constituency and Randhir Singh, as RJD candidate had won from here. Later, he was defeated by BJP candidate Dr CN Gupta. The same Randhir Singh is in the fray against Sigriwal. He is banking on Muslim Yadav combine coupled with his own Rajput castemen. His father, incarcerated Parbhu Nath Singh is said to be managing the things from behind. But things appear not that sunny. Former MP from Gopalganj Aniruddh Prasad Yadav alias Sadhu Yadav, who is brother in law of incarcerated RJD supremo Lalu Yadav has jumped into the fray from BSP party of Mayavati. There arose some revolt in rank and file of BJP when BJP MLC Sacchida Rai, a Bhumihar by caste, declared his candidature as independent. Sources said that he was summoned by the party high command and was made to understand the things. He may not fight now. Former minister Dr. Mahachandra Singh, had made another party after resigning from HUM party when denied ticket, and formed a party to fulfill his long cherished dream of becoming MP from Maharajganj, has now decided to join BJP. Maharajganj parliamentary constituency is dominated mainly by Rajput, and Bhumihar Castes with Yadavas and Muslims making a good combination. OBC constitute 18 percent votes. Fight is straight between BJP and RJD. People say that the candidates are fortunate whom BJP has given symbol. Because they have to do noting and ride the wave of Modi charisma. BJP candidates are also appealing for giving another opportunity to Narendra Modi to lead the nation. While RJD is pleading in stereo type remarks as Samvidhan ko Bachana Hai and do more works done by earlier MPs. Randhir Singh is claiming that he would complete the works of his father, even more than that, which is leaving the voters amused. One Shailendra Kumar sums up the scenario in one line, For the first time there is a pro government wave, stronger than JP movement which was against the government. The result is any body''s guess and educated calculation. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Shri Ram\
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