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Assam Governor greets people on Rongali Bihu

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 13 2019 3:01PM
Assam Governor greets people on Rongali Bihu
Guwahati, Apr. 13 (HS): Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi greeted the people of Assam a happy Rongali Bihu and Assamese New Year. In a message today, Governor Prof Mukhi said, that Rongali Bihu is the most celebrated festival which is very close to the heart of Assamese society. He also said, “The colourful festival which marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year and heralds the advent of sowing season, prompts us to return to our essence which is our nature and celebrate our unity showcasing our diversities”. Bihu is the hallmark of the festive spirit and the joyous nature of the Assamese mind, body and soul which marks the hospitality of the Assamese people, their love and affection towards humanity and of course the nature. “I hope the celebrations of Rongali Bihu usher in peace, prosperity and plenty in Assam and creates an opportunity for the people of Assam to come closer to the nature and work for a greener Assam”, the Governor added. Hindusthan Samachar/Arvind/Pramod \
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