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DNA statement paves way for debate on 'dynastic politics'

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 13 2019 2:33PM
DNA statement paves way for debate on 'dynastic politics'
By Manohar Yadavatti Bengaluru,13 April(HS):While the typical summer heat in the state has aggravated following the additional heat generated by the hectic electioneering campaign by rival parties the social media is abuzz over pro and against outbursts on ''dynastic politics''. BL Santosh,National Co-Organization Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party in a way triggered the controversy while defending the party''s stance of denying ticket to Ms Tejasvini Ananthkumar to contest from Bengaluru South Lok Sabha constituency. It may be recalled here that the deceased Union Fertilizers,Petrochemicals and Parliamentary Affairs Minister HN Ananthkumar had successively represented the constituency for a record number of six times. He told a media conference at Chamarajnagar,a couple of days back that the party preferred Tejasvi Surya to contest from Bengaluru South keeping the overall interests of the party for the next three decades in mind.At the same time he also claimed:If at all tickets are handed over on the basis of genes and DNA of leaders then what''s the respect left for the party receipt? Ms Tejasvini Ananthkumar has been appointed as state BJP vice president in order to placate her following denial of the party ticket and she has been actively involved in campaigning for the party candidate in Bengaluru Lok Sabha constituency. Although Ms Tejasvini Ananthkumar herself has forgotten the issue of denial of party ticket to contest and has refrained from making any statements contrary to party''s interests,her followers and admirers look to be in no mood to let the issue be subdued. BS Yeddyurappa clarifying his position Yesterday at Hubballi claimed:If father,son and a couple of other relatives are in politics it''s okay.But if daughter in law and grandchildren get involved then it''s ''family politics''. BSY''s son BY Raghavendra is contesting from Shivamogga Lok Sabha constituency and the latter is also a former MLA and sitting MP.BY Vijayendra,his another son is also actively involved in party affairs and was campaigning in Varuna constituency of Mysuru district to contest the Assembly elections.However he was denied the party ticket to contest on the ground that his dad is already a nominee from Shikaripur Assembly constituency. Dr Yathindra,son of Siddaramaiah,former chief minister and leader of Congress Legislature Party(CLP) contested from Varuna constituency and won on a Congress ticket. On the other hand the family of HD Devegowda,former prime minister and Janata Dal Secular party supremo has many takers into party and power politics and the political mantle has now been passed over to the third generation. HD Devegowda himself is the sitting MP of Hassan and has switched over to neighboring Tumakuru while leaving his traditional home turf to Prajwal Revanna,grandson.The latter is son of HD Revanna,Public Works Minister in the JDS led INC alliance state government. Bhavani Revanna,wife of HD Revanna is the member of Hassan Zilla Parishat from Belur and tried in vain to contest from Belur Assembly constituency during the May 2018 general elections while it was the same experience with Prajwal Revanna,who was keen to contest from Rajarajeshwarinagar constituency in the city. At the time of May 2018 general elections HD Kumaraswamy had thwarted all attempts within the family for any other contender other than himself and HD Revanna,his elder brother to contest. But the same person who by then had also become the coalition government chief minister chose his wife Ms Anitha Kumaraswamy to contest from Ramanagar following his resignation as he had also been elected from the neighboring Channapatna constituency as well. Kailashnath Patil,son of Veerendra Patil,twice Congress chief minister represented Chincholi Assemby constituency from 2004 to 2008. Madhu Bangarappa,son of S Bangarappa,late Congress chief minister is the Janata Dal Secular party candidate in Shivamogga constituency.He is also the former JDS MLA from Sorab constituency in the same district. Dr Ajay Singh is representing Jewargi Assembly constituency in Kalaburagi district for the second time.He is the son of N Dharamsingh,late Congress chief minister.Vijay Singh,his elder brother tried in vain to contest from Bidar South in the previous general elections. Priyank M Kharge,Social Welfare Minister is second time legislator and minister and the son of Mallikarjun Kharge,leader of Congress Parliamentary Party(CPP) group in the Lok Sabha. Mamata Hegade Nichani,daughter of Ramakrishna Hegde,the first ever chief minister of a non Congress state government contested unsuccessfully against HD Kumaraswamy in Ramanagar constituency during 2008 Assembly elections as a candidate of the Congress party. Basavaraj Bommai,is a former BJP minister and sitting party MLA from Shiggavi constiin Haveri district.He is the son of SR Bommai,former Janata Party chief minister. Mahima Patel,son of JH Patel,late Janata Dal chief minister is the former legislator of Channagiri constituency in Davangere district. This is only a glance of a select few former chief ministers and prominent leaders belonging to all political parties who by and large are immersed in full time family politics. "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" is a proverb generally used in several European countries thus hinting that one should not criticize others as everyone errs one way or the other! But politicians appear to be a different form of species altogether as the norms which generally apply to the common masses hardly make any sense to them. Hindusthan Samachar/Manohar Yadavatti \
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