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Schneider Electric brings in revolutionary global products for India

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 12 2019 8:33PM
Schneider Electric brings in revolutionary global products for India
Kolkata, Apr. (HS): Schneider Electric,the Paris headquarted global leader in energy management and automation, here today announced their decision for a ''global'' launch of three of their top class electric switches and wiring devices, designed and produced in India, in its bid to become the numero uno company in the sub continent in the area of digital transformation of power management within the next couple of years. Announcing this Schneider Electric, Director Sales, Anoop Baokar and its Eastern Regional Head Joy Mukherjee told Hindusthan Samachar here today that following the simultaneous launch of Clipsal-X,UNICA Pure and Avtar On customised switches,designed and are being produced at Baddi in Haryana, for high end customers for the first time not only in India but across the globe with alluring design and state of the art technologies, they were confident of having a quntum jump in terms of improving their share in the domestic market by at least 20 to 30 per cent within the next two to three years. ''Currently we are in the 4th position of supplying energy saving devices, they said and hoped to clinch the top spot within the next few years'', Baokar said. Moreover, he said ''Schneider aims to address the growing consumers market that demands style, strength as well as energy efficiency'', adding that each of their new products was being introduced with unique proposition of customisation and personalisation, Asked about the growth prospect of the Rs 2200 crore Indian market for organised players in the country''s energy efficient sectors, Baokar said following the stupendous growth of real estate and retail sectors all over India, at the rate of over 25 per cent, they hoped to grow at similar pace too because of the launch a number of unrivaled products in terms of switches and other wiring devises. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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