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Occasion of election is no longer a festival for mal nutrioned Mushars of 35 villages in Gopalganj

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 11 2019 7:01PM
Occasion of election is no longer a festival for mal nutrioned Mushars of 35 villages in Gopalganj
Chapra/Gopalganj,Apr.(HS): Elections earlier were like a festival for Mushar families of 35 villages in Gopalganj district when they were fed, given money and liquor was distributed among them. They used to vote such candidate who satisfied them maximum. Not now. There is no enthusiasm among those who say that due to prohibition the lust for election is gone. Raju of Mushar Tola said that during elections some people used to come to them and provide them with money, clothes, liquor and food. Their vote were caste in favor of those about whom those people advised. But this time the election appears insipid. Gorakh Mushar, Ramawati Devi, Umesh, Chhabila told, after elections no one came to take stock of their situation. Dozens present there, echoed the same. This community is immersed into the darkness of illiteracy, child marriage, and unemployment. Government projects are breathing its last for them. They strongly say that they would vote for none this time. Maximum number of mal nutritioned children are from among this section. The number of those children is 71792.. Out of them 30768 children are severely mal nutritioned. Those villages where the Mushar families reside are Haziapur, Vishunpur under town police station, Sipaya, Derwa, Natwa under Kuchaikot police station and many others under different police stations. District welfare officer Ashok Kumar Nagvanshi told that development of those villages is priority for the government. We are monitoring all the projects for their successful implementation for upliftment of Mushars. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Pramod \
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