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Is Rahul obsessed with Rafale?

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 11 2019 2:47PM
Is Rahul obsessed with Rafale?
Lucknow,April 11(HS)Congress president Rahul Gandhi''s statement at Amethi,his Lok Sabha constituency,after the Supreme Court''s order on Wednesday, has raised at least one question,is he obsessed with Rafale or Modi? For, he jumps up whenever either of these two names appear any where and say all kinds of things The Court has not delivered its judgement on the review petition nor has it called him a chor in Rafale case, but he thinks so and made a statement to this effect , which was unwarranted at this stage. The apex court has dealt with only one aspect and given its verdict on the issue.The issue before it was whether classified documents procured stealthily can be considered as an evidence for reviewing a case.The government''s view was that it was not. The Court disagreed and said that the newspapers have freedom to publish such documents and a case can be revisited in the light these reports. The judgement has caused a set-back to the government.But there is nothing more than that in the verdict.The review petition may be finally rejected.The order given on Wednesday has not much to do with the merit of the case.But the new party president had a differenrt take,unlike most others. Here is what he said at Amethi where he had gone to file his nomination:"Aaj Supreme Court ne clear kar diya hai ki chowkidar ne chori kari hai...Supreme Cour ne accept kiya hai ki rafale mamle mein koi na koi corruption,koi na koi bhrashtachar hua hai".Translated into English, he said,today the Supreme Court has made it clear that Chowkidar ( read PM Narendrea Modi) has committed a theft.The Court has accepted that in Rafale deal there was some corrupt practice adopted. He is totally wrong.Neither has the Court said anything about any chowkidar nor has it accepted that there was illegality involved in the deal.It was not at all considering these issues.What it has said about the review petition is that it " will decide petition on merit". What was the case?The present government had signed a deal with the French government for supply of Rafale jets used in fighting.The negotiations had begun during the Congress rule but was finalised by the present government. Rahul $@$# Co believed that that there was a hera-pheri in the deal.The matter reached the Supreme Court which held a separate view. It was not the end of the matter as some newspapers published some "secret documents" claiming that the Prime Minister''s office or PMO had interfered in the deal and that negotiations did not proceed the way it should have. Based on these reports, two former Union ministers and one advocate filed a joint petition for review of the previous order of the Court in the case. Since the petition was based on these reports and review on their basis was opposed by the government,the Court first considered the matter and came out with its judgement on Wednesday (yesterday)." We dismiss the preliminary objection raised by Union of india questioning the maintainability of the review petition... ", the three-judge bench said in its order. Expectedly, the government has not liked Rahul''s statement.He has committed " gross contempt of Court" by claiming that the Court has endorsed allegations of corruption in the deal, defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman Charged. Rahul is not alone.Several others spread half-truth or lies to gain support.Should it go unchecked? HS/RN
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