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Thomas Cook encourages Indian citizens abroad to cast vote in Lok Sabha poll

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 10 2019 3:57PM
Thomas Cook encourages Indian citizens abroad to cast vote in Lok Sabha poll
Kolkata, 10 April, (HS): With a view to encouraging more non resident Indian citizens abroad to cast their votes in their respective state back home during the Lok Sabha elections beginning tomorrow, Thomas Cook (India) Limited,one of the largest travel services providers in India with an annual revenue of over Rs 11,400 crores, has for the first time decided to provide considerable rebate in plane fares to its customers to enable them to exercise their franchise with ease. ''As per our plan,we shall provide a rebate of at least Rs 1,000 in the plane ticket of every bonafied Indian citizen living abroad,who wanted to come to his or her country to cast ballot during the coming general elections in their respective centre, as part of our unique initiative called ''Ghar Jao Vote Karo'' (Go to your country and cast vote) to encourage every Non Resident Indian citizen to take part in the election programme of the world''s largest Democracy'', said Thomas Cook India,Senior Vice President, Romil Pant. Speaking to Hindustahn Samachar on the sidelines of a programme here today, Pant said in addition to that they had also launched another popular programme wherein every Indian voter who would cast his or her vote and would have the blue ink mark on his/her finger, would be eligible to enjoy another discount of Rs 3,000 each if they desired to travel within india and Rs 5,000 each if they wanted to travel abroad on a holiday. Describing both these unique initiatives (of offering rebates) as not only being done for the first time in the country to encourage more voters to cast their ballots in their respective constituencies and take part in the country''s election process directly, but also a unique proposition across the globe, Pant claimed that since the launch of the programme in over 100 countries across all continents and even within the country last week, they had been receiving tremendous response from the people who had been living outside their hometown for long for various reasons. Asked whether they launched similar programme prior to the 2014 elections too, Pant replied in the negative saying ''none of us had even thought about it then''. About the overall business scenario of Thomas Cook in India, the senior VP of the Mumbai headquarted company said like the last few years,they were confident of improving their volume of business this fiscal to the tune of over 25 per cent in terms of international travelling and about 20 per cent in terms of arranging Domestic tours to earn a reveue of over Rs 12,000 crores by December end. ''This year we have decided to focus on organising more leisure and business travels from eastern India, particularly from Kolkata, since our growth in this part of the country has remained over 25 per cent during the last couple of years, the highest among all the six regions of the country'', Pant informed Hindusthan Samachar. Referring to the stupendous growth in the number of international travellers from India these days, Pant stated that interestingly the main focus of travelling to major European cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Rome, was now gradually shifting to lesser known countries like Serbia, Croatia, Uzbekistan, Russia,Norway, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Greece because of their unexplored and unmatched scenic beauties along with affordable costs. There is also a huge demand for travelling in cruise liners both within India and abroad, Pant said and hailed the huge growth in demand(28 per cent) also among ''All Lady Travellers'' to see the world by themselves at an average expenditure of around Rs two lakhs per person for a week long holiday. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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