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Big jolt to RJD as senior leaders quit party

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 10 2019 2:32PM
Big jolt to RJD as senior leaders quit party
Patna, Apr 10 (HS): RJD on Wednesday suffered a huge blow as two senior leaders of the party deserted it as the first phase of Lok Sabha election takes places tomorrow. Former MP Magni Lal Mandal, who is national vice-president of the party and Ramvadan Rai, a former legislator resigned from the party alleging the party was being run by those who have no knowledge of Constitution or democracy. Mandal, who was a minister in Lalu-Rabri governments in Bihar, said the party leader ignored the claims of extremely backward castes in selection of the candidates. While 45 per cent of tickets were given to the Yadavas, 20 per cent to Muslims, 15 per cent to Rajputs, 10 per cent to dalits, the EBCs got only five per cent. He said, Tejashwi had earlier promised 40 per cent of the candidates would be from EBCs, he ignored their claims. Tejashwi nominated such candidates who have no knowledge of constitution or democracy. They have been denied their due and illiterates became Lok Sabha election candidates. He named two such candidates -one in Nawada in central Bihar and another in Jhanjharpur in North Bihar. According to Mandal, the talented and brilliant candidates among the Yadavas could not find place in the RJD list. There was no qualitative selection of candidates by Tejashwi, he regretted. Hindusthan Samachar/Law Kumar Mishra/Shri Ram\
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