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NIA arrests Shaibu Nihar in ISIS Case from Calicut International Airport

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 9 2019 9:24PM
NIA arrests Shaibu Nihar in ISIS Case from Calicut International Airport
New Delhi, Apr.9 (HS): NIA arrested accused Shaibu Nihar aged 39 in Kozhikode (Kerala) in case of ISIS from Calicut International Airport, Kozhikode, Kerala on his arrival from Doha,Qatar. The case was originally registered at Wandoor Police Station as Cr. No. 263/17 u/s 38 and 39 of UA (P) Act on 06.11.2017 on the basis of disclosures made by accused Hamsa U.K, who was arrested and examined in Valapattanam P.S. u/s 38 and 39 of the UA (P) Act Disclosure made by Hamsa U.K. contains allegations against Shaibu Nihar and other accused persons that while they were working in Bahrain and attending classes at Al Ansar Salafi Centre, there they had shared jihadi ideology and decided to join ISIS in Syria. Most of his associates had left Bahrain and joined ISIS in Syria. ​ Accused Shaibu Nihar had planned to travel to Syria to join the proscribed terrorist organization ISIS/Daish in December, 2016 from Bahrain while running an advertising company there. During 2016-2017, he had facilitated travel of some of his associates to Syria with the intention of joining ISIS/Daish and waging war on its behalf against Syrian Government. Following the arrest of some of his associates in October, 2017, Shaibu Nihar had shifted from Bahrain and taken shelter in Qatar and continued his advertising company there also. Accused was produced before the Hon’ble Special Court for NIA Cases at Ernakulam today and was remanded to Judicial Custody up to 22nd Apr.22. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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