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Modi...Modi slogans irk alliance leaders to stoop too low in their public diatribe

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 9 2019 3:20PM
Modi...Modi slogans irk alliance leaders to stoop too low in their public diatribe
By Manohar Yadavatti Bengaluru,09 April(HS):The panic buttons within the alliance partners in the state appear to have been switched on their own if you were to lend your ears to the angry outbursts of the Janata Dal Secular and Congress party leaders at public meetings across the state. Thanks to the cheering crowd of youths raising slogans like Modi...Modi... wherever the JDS-Congress leaders go it''s becoming very difficult for the latter to relish,forget digest the slogans showering heap of praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. HD Kumaraswamy,Chief Minister became annoyed and perplexed during his visit to South Canara,the coastal district where he was greeted with chants like Modi...Modi.. by the local youth. It may be recalled here that the entire coastal belt comprising of South Canara,Udupi and North Canara districts by and large are typical saffron bastions ever since early eighties. So it was but for natural for the chief minister in not relishing the sloganeering praising the prime minister.It looked he had enough of it. He immediately aired his angry outbursts against the PM''s admirers'':What do you get by raising slogans in favor of Modi?What''s it he has done to you people...? The PM''s fans weren''t silent spectators elsewhere either.Similar such slogans continued to echo wherever he went for election campaigning. At one place the CM lashed out at those raising pro Modi slogans in a singular fashion:What''s Modi done to you to resolve your hardships...It''s ultimately we(alliance partners) who are here to take care of your problems. Siddaramaiah,former chief minister and Congress Legislature Party(CLP) leader is no better when it comes to public diatribe against the prime minister. These days he''s also into mono acting and loves to play to the galleries whenever the opportunity arises.He takes pleasure at throwing brickbats against the prime minister. Yesterday he made use of the road shows in the city to oust his anger against the prime minister.He also stooped too low by calling the prime minister names like a man on the street undermining both,his and the prime minister''s position and dignity. All is fair in love and war,says a proverb and this one seems to be taken too seriously at Mandya Lok Sabha constituency. The ruling Janata Dal Secular(JDS) party leaders including the Mandya and Mysuru district in charge ministers are hurling abuses against Ms Sumalatha,Independent candidate supported by the Bharatiya Janata Party. These ugly abuses look to be taken in the right spirit by the former multilingual star and wife of the deceased film star and former minister MH Ambareesh. Sumalatha has also demonstrated that she may be a novice in politics but not bothered or perturbed about the mudslinging that''s hurled upon her everyday by the rival Janata Dal Secular leaders. In fact the language let lose by many a Janata Dal Secular leader against Sumalatha doesn''t looks like helping the former either.Instead it looks to boomerang the prospects of the party candidate Nikhil Kumaraswamy in the ensuing elections. Hindusthan Samachar/Manohar Yadavatti\
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