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BJP comes down heavily on Mamata's criticism of party Manifesto

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 8 2019 10:23PM
BJP comes down heavily on Mamata's criticism of party Manifesto
Midnapore/Kolkata,08 April (HS):Severely criticising Chief minister Mamata Banerjee for her unabated tirade against Prime minister Narendra Modi and her alleged comments against the integrity of the nation at every election rally these days, BJP West Bengal state President Dilip Ghosh here today remarked that ''in case she becomes the next Prime minister, Kashmir valley would no longer be an integral part of India to be a part of Pakistan''. Participating in a party workers meeting at his Parliamentary constituency at Midnapore here this afternoon,Ghosh who is contesting from Midnapore in the coming elections, came down heavily on the Chief minister for her recent comments at different political rallies. She had been making several unsubstantiated allegations against BJP at the Centre and charged the Prime minister with allegedly bringing untold miseries to the people in the country through demonetization and GST, Ghosh said. Describing these unfounded allegations against the Prime minister and that too in public rallies as ''very unfortunate and unbecoming of a Chief minister '', Ghosh claimed that when the entire nation had been celebrating the Balakot Air strike by IAF pilots, it was she who only raised fingers against these brave hearts and wanted the proof of dead terrorists on the ground. ''As a result we apprehend that in case she would become our next Prime minister, Kashmir valley would no longer be a part and parcel of India but would be handed over to Pakistan'',Ghosh said in mocking tone. Also referring to Mamata Banerjee''s open criticism of BJP''s Election Manifesto,which was released by the Prime minister and the BJP all India President in New Delhi today ending all speculations, Ghosh wondered how such derogatory comments were made by a person who herself failed to bring any acceptable solution to the political impasses at Bhangor and in Singur so far, without realizing the determination of the union government for arriving at an acceptable solutions for all. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur Bhattacharya/Manohar \
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