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About 82 per cent rural women in India have no idea about their personal hygiene during periods

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 8 2019 10:13PM
About 82 per cent rural women in India have no idea about their personal hygiene during periods
Kolkata,08 April(HS):When India has grown from strength to strength to become the world''s 6th largest economy on one hand, and has proved its capabilities even in Star wars on the other,it is shocking to know that as much as 82 per cent of women in the country,particularly those living in rural areas,have no idea about the use of sanitary napkin. This startling figure was revealed by Avanish Singh and Jaya Basu, the Founders of ''Promise Charitable Trust'', a city based non profit organisation here today, while strongly condemning the unthinkable taboos in the country which was still being associated with menstruation, the menstrual hygiene and sanitation for women during a few days of every month, despite the country''s all out progresses in other fields. Launching a free distribution programme of sanitary napkins to under privileged women of menstrual ages across several villages in West Bengal, they emphasized the need for every woman in the country to start a habit of using sanitary napkins every month. With a monthly production of over 12,000 sanitary pads by an all women team at Ujan village in East Midnapore district, Promise Charitable Trust had also been trying to educate the rural women about the benefits of the use of sanitary napkins because of better hygiene and sanitation for them, Basu told Hindusthan Samachar here. She said it was very unfortunate that even after seven decades of independence,large number of Indian women of menstrual ages were still barred from touching pickles, stepping into numerous temples and even in family kitchens because of taboos associated with menstruation. These taboos and beliefs had also crippled these unfortunate women with chronic reproductive infections, Basu remarked.Also claiming that such taboos were not limited in rural India, but also widely prevailed among the urban women, both Singh and Basu informed that they had already distributed nearly 35,000 sanitary napkins among its users in a number of villages in West Bengal free of cost to help them maintain hygiene during their menstrual cycles. ''We have also been trying to jack up the production of such UV treated and largely biodegradable product in a complete clean and sanitized environment and provided employment to a number of women who were also involved in creating a mass awareness among the poor, illiterate and downtrodden women in both rural and urban India, Singh and Basu informed HS. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur Bhattacharya/Manohar \
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