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In the first phase in UP only crorepatis will be in the race

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 8 2019 7:03PM
In the first phase in UP only crorepatis will be in the race
Lucknow,April 08(HS) No lakhpati is seeking election to the Lok Sabha from Uttar Pradesh in the first phase.They are all crorepatis. Average assets of these candidates are worth Rs 5.5 crores. And call it exception or rule,the richest candidate belongs to the BSP. He has movable and immovable properties worth Rs 249 crores.Fielded from Bijnor,the fate of M.Nagar like others will be decided on April 11. Eight constituencies will go the poll on that day including Saharanpur from where the three-party alliance had launched campaign on Sunday. Votes will be also cast the same day in Meerut and Bhagpat from where son of RLD leader Ajit Singh is trying his luck instead of him. Ajit''s son Jayant Chaudhary has declared assets worth Rs 27 crores. Some other startling disclosures have been also made in the latest report of the ADR. The average properties owned by BSP candidate is Rs 67 crores while it is Rs nine crores by BJP candidates. As many as 96 candidates are seeking election on the first day. Of the total, 17 are facing serious criminal cases,some of them can be jailed for five to ten years if found guilty. Two vote seekers have declared themselves illiterate.Three others can barely read or write. Another eight constituencies will go to the polls in the second phase.The 7-phase election in the state will end on May 19. HS/RN
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