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Personalities apart, likely fight between forces based on caste basis

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 8 2019 2:49PM
Personalities apart, likely fight between forces based on caste basis
Chapra, Feb 08 (HS): Dr. Sanjit Kumar Yadav said that if you ask me about the result of Saran parliamentary constituency, I would say that RJD candidate would win. A businessman Shailendra Kumar Singh said that of course, BJP candidate would register victory. Two dominating castes here Rajput and Yadav opine so. One section is talking about Modi magic, of course underlining the capability of the candidate while the other section believe that MY (Muslim Yadav) combination would do wonders. Former minister Chandrika Rai, son of former chief minister late Daroga Rai is for the first time in parliamentary election foray. Recently his daughter was married to son of Lalu Prasad and both have become Samadhis. Saran has been considered by RJD as Lalu Prasad bastion. Lalu Prasad had become MP from here riding the JP movement wave in 1977 for the first time and represented for four times. Earlier, it was considered to be Congress strong hold and late Ram Shekhar Singh had represented this constituency for consecutive three times from 1962. In 2014, when Lalu Prasad was convicted, his wife Rabri Devi was the RJD candidate from here who was defeated by Rajiv Pratap Rudy of BJP. In that election Salim Parvej had secured more than one lakh votes and Rabari Devi had got 3,14,172 votes. Rajiv Pratap Rudy had won after securing 3,55 120 votes. This was considered the main cause of defeat of Rabri Devi. Salim Parvej of JDU, who was once deputy speaker of legislative council, has been cajoled by Lalu Prasad and he is now in RJD. Chandrika Rai has no big thing to boast for Chapra. He will be banking upon the forces of grand alliance, particularly the MY combination. Rajiv Pratap Rudy, who has represented this constituency for three times will have to answer many questions of the voters. Once known as industrial place for having four factories like the first sugar mill of the state, reputed Morton factory the products of which were served in Indian Air lines also, Distillery factory, and Saran Engineering factory, Marhaura slowly became the grave yard of the factories due to apathy of the management and the concerned politicians. Eighty percent of the population depended on these factories. Loud claims were made to re open those factories by Rudy but it never materialized. Rudy owes an answer to this. Though he claims that a driving centre and heavy vehicles driving center have been started here, but they are till now, proving fruitless.Trauma center, as assured by Rudy, too, has not been opened as yet. He claims many other development works but fact remains that the fight will be between pro Modi and anti Modi forces. On the other hand RJD has much to claim. Lalu Prasad had opened Jai Prakash University, during the tenure of Chandrika Rai as science and technology minister, Engineering college was opened here. Lalu Prasad had opened diesel engine and rail wheel factories here. Here is the posing question of whether Modi magic works or fails. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Shri Ram\
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