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Mayawati's appeal to Muslims has raised too many questions

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 8 2019 1:45PM
Mayawati's appeal to Muslims has raised too many questions
Lucknow,April 08(HS) Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati''s appeal to Muslims, not to vote for the Congress, in Saharanpur on Sunday ,which is under the Election Commission''s scanner, has become a debating point . People are wonding here on Monday why she made this appeal when her party and two coalition partners have left two traditional Congress seats,Amethi and Raebareli, for the party. This question has assumed importance also in the light of statement made by Jyotiraditya Scindia, incharge of western UP of the party, that the door is not shut for them for post-poll alliance. The Congress has not joined the three- party alliance in UP does not mean,according to him, that the chapter is closed.The party has left seven seats for them and seven for the allies and will only contest 66 seats out of the total 80 in the state. This,too,is an indication,he is reportef to have said in an interview which appeared on Monday (today). Pieced together,it means a lot.It is indicative of two things: one,the party is not sure of getting an absolute majority on its own and,two,it is banking on them to form the government at the Centre.It does not any way indicate that the Congress has a dislike for the SP-BSP-RLD alliance. Why did Mayawati then went so much against the party? She was not happy with it after failure of alliance talk during Assembly elections in Hindi heartland.But she had changed a little after that.Leaving two seats for the party which it had mostly won in the past was a proof. Could the appeal be made because of possible change of mind of Muslims in some western part which will go to the poll in the first phase on April 11?There are many who think so. Muslim population in the state averages 19 per cent but in the wesern region the average has gone up to 26.In a few districts like Rampur the Muslim population is over 40 per cent of the total. They largely supported either the BSP or the SP after they moved away from the Congress. Last two elections were exceptions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made them so. But,for some reason, they do not have the same kind of feeling for the Congress now.At least this is what many believe.Infighting in SP and fall in popularity graph of BSP could be a reason. Whatever the reason may be, the appeal has not been made without some good reason. Being a seasoned politician she must be aware that this kind of appeal is uncommon and may attract the Election Commission. This lends,according to some,support to "desperation theory". Others,however, do not see any such thing.They see in it not a desperation but a clever move to defeat the BJP by some way or the other.A division of Muslim votes between the alliance and the Congress will go in support of the BJP,according to them. Political observers believe that there will be a three-way division.Some Muslim women and men who are opposed to instant talaq will vote for the BJP. If the Congress improve its position and gains some lost ground,it will certainly cause damage to the the SP and the BSP. Muslims and Dalits then will have one more option to choose from.The Congress has suffered mainly because of shift in their loyalty to the party. This could be also behind the appeal.Mayawati has suffered badly in the state in last three elections.She cannot afford to lose again. HS/RN
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