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Glaring example of brain drain caused by apathy of the government

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 6 2019 4:32PM
Glaring example of brain drain caused by apathy of the government
Chapra,6 Apr. (HS): Dr. Alok Kumar Singh, orthopedic surgeon and expert of joint replacements is the glaring example of brain drain due to apathy of he system of the government here. Dr. Alok is serving as locum consultant at Boson hospital, England. He has left the country in 2000 for acquiring expertise in his profession. He ws then working as Resident surgeon at Dhanbad Medical college. Bihar was not partitioned at that time. After serving for three years as Resident surgeon at Dhanbad Medical college he left for England for on study leave. He did his MCH there and and became specialist of joint replacements in 2005. He got a job at Boston, but he returned to India and met the concerned officials for joining at any of the Medical colleges with a promotion. Dr. Alok who is here at his native place Chapra since a week to be with his parents, in a talk with Hindusthan Samachar at his residence told that to be back to own country, in spite of getting a job in England was a measure decision which was frustrated by one of the under secretaries of that time. He earnestly wished to return to his roots. But the then under secretary rank official treated very reluctantly and rather advised to go back to England where he had got a good job. ‘You will be better off there, why insist to be here and that also with a befitting promotion.’ the under secretary had said. He became disillusioned and frustrated and was left with no other option than to go back to England. Issue of brain drain was very prominent during last decades, but this was a classic example of apathy and discouraging attitude on the part of the government which led to this forced brain drain. Dr . Alok says that he still wants to come to his country given an appropriate platform and teach and train the new generation of orthopedic surgeons. Replying to query that why hone to England, Dr Alok said that at that time training here was inadequate. There was lack of expertise, facilities and things at Medical college level was not good enough. The same standard of operation at district level hospital and Medical college level persisted. Ortho plasty, joint replacement, key hole surgery was non existent. I always meant to serve with expertise and help cure people. That is why he went to England and obtained specialities. I am contributing in England as an orthopedic surgeon but at the same time I earnestly wish that people here should be benefited with his expertise and treatment. Talking about medical care and facilities of England he said that every citizen there is registered with medical care. Most of the measure operation and surgeries of heart, and replacements and cancer are free there. The standard of treatment at district level hospitals there is far far better that medical colleges and institutes here. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Pramod\
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