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Naidu staged protest

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 5 2019 10:30PM
Naidu staged protest
Vijayawada, April 5 ( H.S ) N Chandra Babu Naidu, the TDP president has staged protest by sitting at Dr B R Ambedkar''s statue in the city on Friday by condemning the Income tax raids on the houses of TDP leaders in APOn this occasion, he alleged that with the instigation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Income tax department is conducting raids on the houses of TDP but not on the leaders of other parties houses.He said that Modi indulged in anti democratic games and such acts will not be tolerated by him (Naidu).He gave a call to his cadre to raise the occasion to resist the attitude of Modi.He said that he(Naidu) will not tolerate the trio''s(Modi, KCR and Jagan) conspiracry to defame and damage the Andhra pradesh development.Meanwhile, the public suffers a lot while he conduts the sit in protest in the middle of the road which leads to Railway stataion, bus station and Market. The police closed the traffic on all the roads to the three important above places.The public questions, how Naidu acts against the Election Code of Conduct by staging a protest by disturbing the public life.The public also questions the attitude of the police who regulated the traffic without any advance announcement. ------------- K R K Reddy, Hindustan Samaachar, Vijayawada \
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