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Electoral battle intensifies as polling date nears

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 4 2019 2:37PM
Electoral battle intensifies as polling date  nears
Lucknow,April 4(HS)With only a week left for polling,the electoral battle between the BJP and the Congress,its main rival, has intensfied.Attack on each other has become bitter.No hold has been barred.The agenda is set. It has become clear that the BJP will fight on nationalism and development and the Congress on populism.The latter is going to lay emphasis on schemes like Nyuntam Aay Yojna. It may not cut much ice because the BJP has already launched a farmer-friendly scheme,PM-Kisan and transferred Rs two thound to accounts of many Kisans. The party will also lay stress on withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Acts or AFSPA which may please people in states like Jammu and Kashmir.The problem is that it is still insisting on talks with separatists and other stake-holders.It may go well with a section but not with all.Those living outside the valley may not like it because talks have been held on many occasions but there has not been any improvement in relationship with Pakistan. As far as separatists are concerned,the two parties are two different pages.While the party is soft ,the BJP has no liking for them because of their alleged links with terror-outfits in Pakistan.Some of them have been already sent to jail. It is not easy for the Congress to change because it has been toeing a different line all these years.It may do some good to the party in the valley but not outside.Outside Kashmir it may not find many takers. The party seems to be little confused.Perhaps,it is not sure which agenda is more suitable. A little while ago it was only talking about Rafale deal and collection of alleged bribe from industrialist Anil Ambani.It did not keep quiet even after denial by French government and Supreme Court not finding any hera-feri in the deal. Party president Rahul Gandhi had cheer boys at many meetings who shouted Chowkidar chor hai when ever he dropped a hint.Prime Minister Narendra Modi countered it well.He launched a campaign and, today,there are more people shouting Modi.Modi than chor hai. Rahul then shifted to farmers and came out with Nyay scheme.But before it could gather steam there was air strikes at Balakot and some some places in Pakistan which took the scheme out of focus. Attention was tried to be drawn again by coming out with an election manifesto.Some of the promises made in the manifesto have received a lot of criticism.BSP leader Mayawati has called it an "eyewash" and Modi, "Bhrashta Patra". Scrapping of sedition laws promised in it has attracted widespread criticism.There is a greater unity in the country afrter Pulwama attack on army convoy.The love for the country has increased. Tukde Tukde gang has got little or no support.The scrapping promise has been taken as a support to the gang by those who put "nation first" ahead of anything else. The Congress''s opposition to Citizenship Bill may,however, help the party in the north-east which has thrown it out. Meghalaya was the only state left out.It has also voted against the party in recent Assembly election. The attempt by the party seems to be to win back Muslims and Dalits who are largely supporting other parties now.In UP,they are mainly backing the SP and the BSP.If it succeeds the present picture may change. HS/RN
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