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Will Patna Saheb be New Delhi for Shatrughan Sinha?

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 4 2019 12:31PM
Will Patna Saheb be New Delhi for Shatrughan Sinha?
By Law Kumar Mishra Bollywood actor ''Shotgun'' deserted BJP last month and joined the Congress Cong likely to nominate him as its candidate from Patna Saheb on 6th April Patna, Apr 04 (HS): In 1992, Bihari Babu, Shatrughan Sinha, contesting as a BJP candidate was defeated by Congress candidate, another film star Rajesh Khanna. Both had acted together in many films, but after the contest, friendship between the two got strained. In 2009 Lok Sabha elections from Patna Saheb, Shatrughan Sinha (BJP) defeated another film and TV star, Shekhar Suman fielded by the Congress. Both Sinha and Suman are from Patna and both are Kayasthas, who constitute 30 per cent of the electorate. Both were born in Patna - one at Kadamkuan and another at Lohanipur, two kms away in central Patna. Both had their studies in Patna. After losing Patna Saheb elections, Shekhar decided to say good bye to politics. Shatrughan deserted BJP last month and joined the Congress which is likely to nominate him as its candidate from Patna Saheb on Saturday (6th April). On May 19, when Patna Saheb goes to polls, a direct fight between the two Kayasthas of Patna will be take place. The union law, justice and IT minister, Ravishankar Prasad will face Bihari Babu. Ravishankar is also from Patna, Boring Road, 6 kms away from Sinha''s Kadamkuan residence. Both had their schooling and college education at Patna. Ravishankar did his BA and LLB and then MA from Patna University. Shatrughan was a student of Patna Science College, 500 metres away from Ravishankar''s Patna College. Since 2009, Shatrughan visited Patna occasionally, did not attend Parliament numerically more than Ravishankar. In 2014, Ravishankar had campaigned for Shatrughan, but after five years, he is working against Shatrughan, 10 years senior to him. Ravishankar who was named as BJP candidate, started his campaign from the day one of his arrival. He visited BJP headquarters, Mahabir Mandir, Sai temple the same evening. He had been visiting Mahabir Mandir near Patna junction and Kali temple in Darbhanga House complex since his student days, when his father Thakur Prasad, one of the founders of Janasangh and BJP in Bihar was industries minister in Karpoori Thakur led government. Ravishankar is visiting temples of the capital - Badi Patna Devi, Chhoti Patna Devi, Sheetla Mata Mandir, Jalla Hanuman ji temple, Harmandir Saheb daily. He leaves his house at 10 am and returns after 12 hours. He visited his adopted village - Alawalpur on Wednesday and had lunch with the villagers. He told them about the works done by him as union minister - five BPOs in Patna, common service centres etc. His supporters claimed that the minister was active in the constituency for the last five years and was cultivating it. On contrast, Shatrughan is yet to come to Patna. His supporters claim that he would come after April 6. In 2014, Shatrughan''s campaign was led by his wife Poonam who visited different localities, market places like Maurya Lok and Dak Bungalow to seek votes for her husband. Shatrughan started his campaign after 4 pm to return to his camp in next three hours. Anand Bharti, one of the promoters of the Shatrughan Sinha Fans Association alongwith Sanjay Mayukh, now a BJP leader and Rajiv Ranjan Prasad, now in JDU, said that the film star had entered politics through BJP and recalled his contributions to promote education among the destitute children of Alwar massacre, set up a cancer institute at Patna. In 1989, he had visited the Times of India office on Frazer Road and the then editor, Sumanta Sen, even failed to recognise him and did not allow even one minute to Bihari Babu. Later, reporters told Sen about the credentials of Bihari Babu, who was already a famous film star. At Balia, former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar had hosted a convention of the Janata Party. Lalu Prasad was one of the speakers. When he saw Shatrughan Sinha, he shouted at the organisers asking them to remove Bihari Babu (who was called Nachaniyas and Gavaniyas by Lalu). Shatrughan after being ignored by the BJP, turned to Lalu Prasad for political rehabilitation. He visited Lalu Prasad in jail and called on his son, Tejashwi at Patna. Since Patna Sahib was allotted to Congress under the seat sharing agreement, Shatrughan approached Rahul Gandhi. Patna Saheb is the constituency which housed Mahila Charkha Samiti, where Jayaprakash Narayan lived, worked and died. Shatrughan''s house is hardly one km away. He seldom visited Charkha Samiti. His supporters in the Fans Association deserted and abandoned the association. RK Sinha, a senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member, also from Patna known for his philanthropic activities, was an aspirant for the nomination. He is recognised as a leader having direct live contact with the people of Patna - attending social functions from Bakhtiyarpur in East to Digha in the west, arranging Sangat Pangat (community lunches), distributing blankets to the poor during winter, free distribution of wood logs to fight cold, arranging tuition and admission fees of the children from school to university, contributing liberally in marriages of the girls of poor parents and kept the doors of Anapoorna, his residence open for all, be it cancer or heart patients seeking admission in hospitals or children seeking admission in prestigious educational institutions. He developed the ancient Chitragupta temple at Gai Ghat, a part of Patna Saheb. Now, the star studded contest between the union minister and Bihari Babu is inviting attention of international media too. Ravishankar has got advantage because his predecessor BJP nominee was indifferent to the constituency and the constituents. People have got huge aspirations from Ravishankar Prasad as they were disappointed with Shatrughan who will be backed by the RJD too as it is part of Grand Alliance. Constituency has a strong population of Muslims in Sabzibagh, Bakerganj, Malsalami, Old Patna City and Yadaavas in the rural Patna-Fatuwa and Bakhtiarpur also. Will MY help Shtraghan, will he face New Delhi defeat or become victorious like 2009 against Shekhar Suman, will be known in the last week of May. Hindusthan Samachar/Law K Mishra/Shri Ram Shaw\
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