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Feeding programme for stray dogs in Arunachal capitaI

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 9:12PM
Feeding programme for stray dogs in Arunachal capitaI
Itanagar, Apr.3 (HS): A feeding programme for stray dogs in and around capital complex was organised recently by the Caretaker, a voluntary organisation working towards welfare of the animals in distress especially stray dogs in and around capital complex. The first phase of the feeding programme was carried on by the volunteers of the Caretakers consisting mainly of girl students and some government employees. The feeding programme mainly concentrated on Legi complex area, AboTani Colony, Secretariat, Akashdeep, Ganga Market, F-Sector and RK Mission Hospital area as a preliminary investigation to find out the target areas and presence of approximate numbers of stray dogs in capital complex. This phase of programme will be closely followed by Animal Birth Control for the stray dogs to curve the menace of the stray animals while giving them a better quality of life. Danyi Amung, a senior volunteer, who is also a part time teacher and an ardent animal lovers reported that approximately 40 stray dogs have been identified, out of which some appeared to be having owners as apparent from the collar they were wearing and are left loose for some reasons. More than half dozen have been found to be suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, also known as scabies in dogs and around 6 stray dogs with visible abused wound or wound inflicted by some other sources. The caretaker is also running a small shelter for dogs at the resident of Likha Marry, a govt. employee and an ardent animal lover, who is also a senior volunteer of the NGO and the only caregiver at her home turned dog shelter. At present there are about 15 dogs and numbers keeps on increasing and decreasing as rescued dogs are given away for adoption or fostering to some other family as there is lack of space for more numbers of dogs. The Caretaker, NGO was established last year by the group of likeminded youths purely on voluntary and self funding basis with an objective to help the animals in distress, to initiate adoption programmes, encourage people to develop compassionate attitude towards animals, encourage adopting of strays and vaccination of pets against various life threatening diseases. Hindusthan Samachar/Dhrubajyoti/Pramod \
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