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PM seeks to end the family rule in Congress, TMC for building a stronger India

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 8:07PM
PM seeks to end the family rule in  Congress, TMC for building a stronger India
Kolkata, Apr.3 (HS): Making scathing attacks on both Congress and the Trinamool Congress for being ruled by a ''single family'' for the past many years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi here today gave a clarion call to the people of India as well as to the electorate in West Bengal to take steps to ensure that they were forced to relinquish the power lock stock and barrel after the elections for allegedly ruining the economy ''for their own benefits and for failure on all fronts''. Addressing his second election rally in West Bengal this afternoon at the historic Brigade Parade Ground here in presence of massive party workers and supporters, numbering several lakhs, the Prime minister, amid a relentless ''Modi-Modi'' cheers, said except for a few years, for the last 72 years since independence the country was ruled not by the Congress as a national party, but in fact by a single family who had done almost nothing to take India to a different level both in terms of its economic growth or in terms of improving its stature among the global leaders. Similarly in West Bengal since the Mamata Banerjee government came to power in 2011, it was being ruled by another ''Bua- Bhatija'' family which had also got involved neck deep in corruption and misrule of all sorts halting all socio-economic development of the state for several years, the Prime minister alleged amid huge roar of people, assembled to listen to him for the first time in the state after the announcement of election last month. Claiming that on the other hand it was the Modi government which had come out of the ''action paralysis'' of the previous governments during the last five years and took a number of new initiatives on various fronts, besides giving a free hand to the armed forces for the first time to conduct a Surgical strike inside the enemy territory, and cleared the Air Force for Balakot strike and even lifted the ban from DRDO and ISRO to undertake the latest satellite strike in open space, Prime minister said, ''Do you think that I have done anything wrong? He also sought their support in future too,to which the people responded positively with a huge roar of Modi Modi. While continuing his tirade against the Congress for taking the country on the brink of an economic disaster during its long rule, the Prime minister was particularly very critical about its election manifesto which was released only yesterday with a promise to withdraw the special anti terrorism act (ASFA) of the Army from Jammu and Kashmir if they were re elected next month. ''It is an absurd idea'', the Prime minister said and condemned the party for allegedly compromising with the terrorists in the valley undermining the strength and reputation of the Indian Army. ''I cannot allow this to happen'', he reiterated.Turning his attention once again towards the future of Bengal which he described as the land of eminent people like Swami Vivekananda, Ramkrisnadeb, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose among many others, the Prime minister said but now it had become a well known hub for making bombs and other criminal activities and corruption. Also coming down heavily on Chief minister Mamata Banerjee for raising questions about the truth behind Balakot Air strike, Modi said it was unbecoming of a Chief minister of a state to ask the number of dead terrorists who were gunned down by our brave IAF pilots. He also ridiculed her and all other leaders of a so called United Opposition for allegedly trying to become ''Hero'' in Pakistan by raising several such questions undermining the true valour of our brave hearts. Referring to the country''s tremendous success in global diplomacy where India''s action was applauded across the universe, he said it was a shame that some of our own leaders were trying to find faults in them, he said and urged the audience to give them a fitting reply in the coming elections. He also mentioned about the success of the ''Digital India'' and ''Make in India'' projects and said as a result of an overwhelming economic growth of the nation,millions of poor people were now being provided with free cooking gas,free electricity in their homes and free toilet facilities as part of Sachh Bharat drive. But at the same time he refused to take any credit for initiating any of these unprecedented programmes and said all these were possible because of the love,affection and the wholehearted support from the 125 crore people of this country.Pointing out BJP''s success in Tripura by defeating the three decade long rule of the CPI-m led Left Parties,the Prime minister said unlike the previous government they had been able to implement the 7th Pay Commission in the state meeting a long standing demand of its people. In this connection he also ridiculed the the recent slogans of the Congress(Chowkidar Chor Hai) and the chorus of a united opposition to replace Modi (Modi Hatao) by any means, and said it had already backfired since the people of this country had realized that they had been sounding like an empty vessel without caring or having any concrete plan for all round development of the country. He also reiterated his own slogan of ''We are all Guards of the Nations''(Hum sab Chowkidar) and assured the people of protecting the nation with all his might and by standing as a (Chinese) Wall between the honest and corrupt politicians. Interestingly in his earlier address at Silliguri in North Bengal, the Prime minister termed Mamata Banerjee as a major ''Speed breaker'' of all development in Bengal and sought the whole heated support from the electorate to elect all BJP candidates in the coming elections. From Siliguri, he came to Kolkata to began his second speech at around 4-30 p.m. After rounding off his whirlwind election campaign in Bengal, the Prime minister left for Delhi at around 5-45 p.m. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod
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