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PM terms Mamata as 'Speed Breaker' of Development in Bengal

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 4:20PM
PM terms Mamata as 'Speed Breaker' of Development in Bengal
Siliguri, Apr.3(HS):Terming West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee as the ''speed breaker'' of all development in the state, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi here today called upon the people to extend their whole hearted support to BJP for ensuring an unprecedented all round growth and development in Bengal like rest of India. ''It is only because of this speed breaker who is better known as Didi, West Bengal continues to lag behind every other state in terms of ensuring an all round development of the state during the past few years'', the Prime minister said amid huge applauds from a packed gathering while addressing his first election rally in this North Bengal town this afternoon. Claiming that Mamata Banerjee''s''boat has already started sinking'' as the people was realizing their mistakes to bring her into power, the Prime minister, however, regretted that in spite of his all out efforts he could not ensure a speedy development of Bengal, like most of the other states, only because of the presence of this ''Speed Breaker'' who by using her constitutional power had stopped most of the central schemes from being implemented and extending their benefits to one and all, particularly the poor and the downtrodden. Alleging that like the Congress and the Left Parties (Communists), the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal had been playing politics with the poor, the Prime minister said Didi and all other political parties here wanted that poor should always remained poor and no central benefits should ever reach them to serve their own political purposes. Referring to deliberate non implementation of a number of very successful central schemes like ''Ayusman Bharat'' ,the ''Prime Minister Kisan Samman Yojona'' and the ''Real Estate Regulatory Authority ''(RERA) scheme in Bengal by the ''anti development speed breaker'' here, the Prime minister also blamed the Congress as well as the CPI-M for following the same path and extending no benefits to the poor and the downtrodden like Didi. In this connection, Prime minister amid huge applauds from the huge gathering also listed a number of other central schemes which have been befitting millions of people across the country. ''Just think of getting free connection of gas and electricity by millions of poor families who have also been provided with toilet facilities through a number of unique central schemers, the Prime minister said and regretted that a large number of people in this state still remained out of the bound of such huge beneficial projects, thanks to the opposition from the Speed Breaker Didi''. Turning his attention towards his role as the ''Chowkidar of the nation'', of which he is extremely proud of, Prime minister Modi came down heavily on the opposition,particularly on the TMC supremo for raising questions about the authenticity of the Balakot Air strike and seeking explanation from the Prime minister for such heroic act. Asking the people whether they support his decision to give a ''Free Hand'' to the Armed Forces for taking revenge of the Pulwama terrorist attacks and whether they believed in his decision and his commitment to the nation in terms of the National Security, the Prime minister amid huge support to him and relentless chanting of Modi-Modi by thousands of people at the meeting, said he would always stand guaranteed for the protection of national interests as well as for its people with all his might. Modi said, instead of standing by the Indian Air Force for its valiant response at Balakot, the constituents of what he termed as a ''Milawat Jot'' had strengthened the hands of our enemies inside Pakistan and tried to become hero in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore by criticizing our Armed Forces valour and raising several unsubstantiated queries. In this connection he also severely condemned the yesterday''s Congress Election Manifesto which suggested withdrawal of the Central Anti Terrorism Act (ASFA) from Jammu and Kashmir if comes to power. Also blaming the the leaders of TMC for spreading rumors about the implementation of NRC in Bengal,the Prime minister assured the Gorkha residents of Darjeeling and elsewhere in the country of no such step in future. ''These rumors are deliberately being spread by a section of ruling party leaders to confuse the people and undermine the BJP government of Assam'', he said . About the problems in tea gardens in the Darjeeling hills, the Prime minster said he was fully aware of their difficulties and problems and assured them of taking immediate steps after returning to power this time. Urging the people to vote for all BJP candidates in the state to get rid of from the alleged ''reign of terror of Jagai Madhai'' within the nest few days, he also promised to the people to return to the state to ensure its all round and speedy socio-economic development of Bengal like rest of India on all fronts. Earlier,on his arrival at Bagdogra airport from New Delhi in a special IAF flight at 1-10 p.m. the Prime minister who was received by senior party leaders like Mukul Roy and Rupa Ganguly, Rajya Sabha MP left for the venue at Kawkhali Ground, about 50 km away, in a helicopter. On his arrival at the venue he was greeted with unabated Modi Modi slogans by more than three lakh people, including many women and old. After completing his 35 minute long speech at Siliguri,the Prime minister left for Kolkata via Bagdogra airport. He is scheduled to address his second rally at the historic Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata this afternoon before returning to Delhi in the evening. \ Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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