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Re-issued Congress manifesto has attracted widespread criticism

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 3:24PM
Re-issued Congress manifesto has attracted widespread criticism
Lucknow,April 3(HS) The Congress manifesto released on Tuesday has attracted criticism even from some pro-Congress quarters.Some others are opposed to hold talks with pro-Pakistan elements and review of Special Powers Acts in disturbed-areas like Jammu and Kashmir. The Nyay scheme was welcomed even by some non-Congressmen though most of them were not sure that the party would be able to raise fund to finance it, it is difficult even for some old party men to digest the promise of talk with separatists in J and K. "We have talked to them and Pakistan for 70 years without any good result.Now it is time we acted against them decisively.We do not have to be soft towards them",said Ram Prakash who has been voting for the Congress since 1980. The Armed Forces Special Powers Acts which have been enforced in some states including Jammu and Kashmir to deal with rogues should not be withdrawn from them.They have given some freedom to armed forces and saved them from frequenting different courts.The Supreme Court,too, has not found anything wrong with their implementation in certain areas. The withdrawal of armed forces from these areas or curtailing their powers will make them return to old days when common and men and women had a torrid time.It is for this reason that the review has been generally opposed. "There should be no compromise on the issue of national security.Any person or party which will try to do it will be playing with the safety of the nation", said Dwarka Prasad, echoing the sentiment of defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The promise made by the party to dilute sedition laws was also generally disliked."No country in the world can tolerate anti-nationals.The Tukde Tukde gangs do not exit any where.They should have no place in this country,too", said Aman, a Lucknow University student. To the BJP,its main rival,manifesto is a "dhakosala Patra"."None of the promises will be fulfilled.Even Nyay scheme will remain on paper only.To pay Rs 72,000 per year per family will require expenditure of 1.5 or 2 per cent of the GDP.Where will it come from?Taxing the rich? There is a need to reduce corporate taxes to 25 per cent which is the average in the region and not to hike them", suggested state party president Mahendra Nath Pandey. He is also against "playing with" national security. "The Congress is promising moon just to garner votes.It knows it cannot fulfill them.Indira Gandhi ( former Prime Minister) had given Gario Hatao slogan in 1971. It had helped her win the election. Rahul Gandhi ( Congress president) has taken the same route", said another leader in party office. The national security issue has come on the top again after release of manifesto.It has pushed back the minimum income guarantee proposal which was the main topic of discussion last week. HS/RN
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