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Arrangements for poll equipment in Nizamabad

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 3:24PM
Arrangements for poll equipment in Nizamabad
Telangana: Hyderabad: April 3 (HS)The election commission has intensified efforts to provide necessary arrangements for number of ballot units, control units and voter verifiable paper audit trail machines to the state.The EC has directed the ECIL to provide 26,280 ballot units, 2,240 control units and 2,600 VVPATs. Accordingly, over 500 EVMs have been dispatched from the BFL facility in Bangalore and more such machines would start arriving in the state in the coming days. The BEL had agreed to depute adequate number of engineers to oversee proper installation of these machines in 1,788 polling stations spread across the Constituency.The state election authority wants the machine to be made available much ahead of the poll day, April 11 as it has to carry out first-level checks of the machine and train the official to effectively handle the machines which will be connected in a series.this apart, the election authority would require time to load the ballot paper with 185 names along with the party symbols on the ballot units in addition to reserving a slot for the non of the above (NOTA) option before sending them to the respective polling stations.Putta Suman, Hindusthan Samachar. \
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