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NRIs TDP “Prachara Radham” campaign evokes good response

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 2:25PM
NRIs TDP “Prachara Radham” campaign evokes good response
Machilipatnam (AP), Apr 03 (HS): Campaign by NRI Telugudesam party “Prachara Radham” in Krishna district of A.P. is going on at a brisk pace. It has evoked good response. Equipped with large LED screens, sound system and equipment for video-conferencing with the help of bandwidth aggregators, this vehicle is reaching out to all villages and NRIs from those villages are logging in and expressing their opinions. This vehicle got an outstanding response from the villages and urban communities alike. More than one lakh NRIs have been enrolled in the recently formed NRI Telugudesam party. They are working through multiple groups and multiple channels to make a difference and ensure victory for their party in 2019 elections. They have been very active on social media platforms from the very beginning. More than 1500 NRI Telugudesam party supporters from 50 different countries arrived in state almost one month ago to campaign for the party. For many who could not come, NRI Telugudesam had created platform to help out, said G. Srinivas Chand, NRI TDP Committee Member. In order to communicate directly with people and friends in their two communities, they have built NRI Telugudesam “Prachara Rathams”, one for each district. An extensive two-way phone call campaign is also in progress. All registered NRI TDP activists will call their families, friends and other influential people in their community. They also encourage other NRI TDP members to do the same. Conference calls are being held by all MP and MLA candidates with NRIs from their constituencies in A.P. Hindusthan Samachar/MS Rao/Ram\
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