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Congress manifesto is an attack on the security of the country: BJP

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 3 2019 11:13AM
Congress manifesto is an attack on the security of the country: BJP
New Delhi, Apr 03 (HS): Strongly condemning the election manifesto of Congress Party, Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari has said that it is a cruel attack on the security of the country. Congress Party has been continuously insulting the sacrifice and bravery of the armed forces and this manifesto will work as splitting the country. “Due to the increasing popularity of Prime Minister Narender Modi and in view of the possible victory of BJP in the Lok Sabha Elections, Congress Party has become restless and this is the reason why it has made such announcements which are not only impractical but also unreasonable, Tiwari told Hindusthan Samachar. He further added that had the Congress Party done anything during the last 70 years then it may not have made such false promises. He said that the way in which the Congress Party has termed its manifesto as historical, which is actually a bundle of lies, the same way Congress is going to face a historical defeat. Tiwari said that the Congress Party has promised that it will abolish AFSPA and decrease the powers of the armed forces. It means that the Congress has made some back end agreement with the separatists and terrorists. If the AFSPA is abolished, the armed forces will lose their effective weapon. Not only this, the Congress Party has also promised that it will talk to the separatists. To whom the Congress Party is trying to please by doing so. What is the reason that the terrorists, separatists, Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Congress Party in its manifesto use the same language? Election manifesto of Congress Party also says that it will abolish the provision of sedition and special powers under AFPSA will be reviewed. It means that the Tukde-Tukde Gang will have free hand. It also proves that Congress is with the enemies of the country. Congress should be ashamed on the fact that the Kashmir is with India only due to the sacrifice of our armed forces and it is very disappointing that the Congress wants to take away the powers of the armed forces and talk to the separatists, he said. Tiwari said that our popular Prime Minister has honestly worked hard for the welfare of the last man in the society during his 5 years term and this the trust of the people in our Government has only strengthened it further. BJP is surely going to get majority and Modi ji is again going to be elected the Prime Minister of the country. Hindusthan Samachar/Shri Ram Shaw
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