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BJP terms TMC manifesto as 'compilation of stories'

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 2 2019 8:05PM
BJP terms TMC manifesto as 'compilation of stories'
Kolkata, 2 April (HS): Senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Swapan Dasgupta here today termed the election manifesto of Trinamool Congress as nothing else but a ''compilation of a dozen stories''(Ek Dozan Galpo) and put forwarded 12 questions before Chief minister Mamata Banerjee seeking her reply to clear the party''s views on several issues relating to National security. Speaking at an interactive session on the eve of Prime minister Narendra Modi ''s much awaited rally at the historic Brigade Parade Ground here tomorrow, Dasgupta, the journalist turned politician, said since the Trinamool Congress supremo had enlisted 12 wish lists in her party''s election manifesto,released here last week, BJP wanted to know her clear views on certain sensitive issues since she wanted to become the ''king maker'' in case the united opposition came to power after the coming elections. Putting forward his questions before the audience,Dasgupta first wanted to known who would be Prime ministerial candidate if the opposition came to power? ''Since there were several candidates,there was no mention of any name in the manifesto leaving a huge doubt among the voters about the future of the''so called united'' Opposition'', Dasgupta said. Referring to her much criticized stand on the issues concerning National Security, the senior BJP MP wanted to know in clear terms whether Mamata Banerjee supported yesterday''s remark of former Jammu and Kashmir Chief minister Omar Abdullah when he felt that there should be a separate Prime minister for Jammu and Kashmir in an alleged apparent bid to divide the nation., and what was her stand about India''s foreign policy and how it should move forward in case of a new government assumed office soon. Referring to the Bengal Chief minister''s decision to reject most of the Central projects like Ayushman Bharat and the Farmers Beneficial schemes as she did not implement them at all in the state, Dasgupta wanted to know whether Bengal was considered to be out of bounds of any Central project and remained outside India. He also sought her views and what she meant about Democratic Federalism in the country on the Centre-State relations. Ridiculing the TMC''s views on GST and the party''s plan to review the entire process after coming to power, Dasgupta wanted Banerjee''s reply on whether such steps would not open the flood gates of tax evaders like before. ''We also want to know why she had sought to abolish the Niti Ayog and bring back the Planning Commission for the betterment of Indian Economy'' ,Dasgupta said adding in fact the Planning Commission was abolished by the Modi government in a bid to strengthen the economic power of the state. ''We also want to know her stand about the National Register of Citizens(NRC) in Assam and elsewhere in India'',Dagupta said and sought her views about the improvement of Healthcare and Education sectors in the state as well as in the national level. ''We have come across during the past few years about several instances of corruption in the state and the involvement of several TMC leaders and ministers in money laundering cases'',Dagupta pointed out and wanted to know Banerjee''s views on how to root out corruption from Bengal and elsewhere in the country if the Opposition came to power. Now it remains to be seen whether the Chief minister or any senior leader of her party decides to reply these queries from BJP, or remain silent till the elections are over on 23 May. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur Bhattacharya/Manohar\
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