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Was it not by choice but by necessity?

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 2 2019 3:27PM
Was it not by choice but by  necessity?
Lucknow,April 2(HS) There are mainly two narratives for Congress president Rahul Gandhi deciding to contest from two seats,one in the north and the other in deep south. Congressmen would like every one to believe that it was done to popularise the party in the south and enlarge the footprints.For Smriti Irani, his rival in Amethi constituency in UP,it had a different reason.He has "fled" because of fear of "defeat". For Prime Minister Narendra Modi and some others it was not by choice but by necessity. He was "forced to run " to a minority-dominated seat because Hindus were going to "punish" him for his anti-Hindu acts. Whatever the Congressmen may say,the party''s traditional seat,Amethi, was not as safe.The victory margin had fallen in 2014 from the previous poll and the Congress had not won any Assembly seat in this Lok Sabha constituency in 2017. The Congress has been mostly winning it ,but the victory margin in 2014 had fallen to one lakh from 3.70 lakhs in 2009 when Rahul had contested for the second time. The non-congress parties have bagged it only twice in recent years,first in 1979 and second in 1998.In 1997,it was the Janata Party which had defeated the Congress.The BJP had won it in 1998. Falling margin was not the only worry.In the Assembly elections held after the Lok Sabha election in 2014,the Congress had lost all the five assembly segments of this parliamentary constituency. One of them,Gauriganj,was bagged by the SP and all the other four by the BJP.The seats won by BJP were, Salon,Tiloi,Jagdishpur and Amethi. Garima Singh , a new comer, was victorious in Amethi. This could impact the Lok Sabha election this year.Irani had also to be factored in.She was defeated by Rahul in 2014 but it hadd not disheartened her.She had developed a love for the people of this constituency and have been nursing it since 2014. A number of schemes were launched by Modi in the area last month due to pressure exerted by her.The crowd collected at the rally was another indication of growing popularity of the BJP in the area. In this light his re-election was not guaranteed.The decision to go for one more seat was a wise one. Compare it with Kerala seat and the picture will become clearer.Election has been bipolar in Wayanad. The fight has been between the Congress and the CPI. In last two elections,it was the Congress which was successful. The party had collected nearly 50 per cent vots in 2009 .M I Shanavas who had contested in 2014,too, was successful again. Tucked in a corner of "god''s own country" the constituency was created in 2008 after delimitation.It is relatively new. HS/RN
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