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NFR recovers Rs 57 Cr from ticketless travellers in FY 2018-19

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 2 2019 11:07AM
NFR recovers Rs 57 Cr from ticketless travellers in FY 2018-19
Highest ever penalty realization by NF Railway since formation of this Zone in 1959 Guwahati, Apr 02 (HS): During the financial year ending on 31st March last, N.F. Railway has realized an amount of Rs. 57 crores from ticketless travellers and un-booked luggage related cases as fare and penalty surpassing the previous best of Rs. 46.17 crores. This is the highest ever penalty realization by N.F. Railway since formation of this Zone in 1959. As per section 137, of the Indian Railway Act of 1989, travelling without ticket, improper ticket or un-booked luggage in an offence punishable by imprisonment or fine or both. N.F. Railway officials have been conducting surprise ticket checking drive in Mail / Express and passenger Trains. To discourage ticketless travelling, Northeast Frontier Railway has put systems in place whereby surprise ticket checking drive is conducted by Flying Ticket Checking Squads of Divisions as well as HQ. Fortress checks are also conducted in stations. For this officers are nominated at HQ and Divisional levels from different department who are accompanied by security personal from Railway Protection Force and Govt. Railway Police. During this period total number of passenger who booked tickets also recorded an increase of about 7.88% in comparison to last year. The figure of originating passenger earnings also showed an increase of 8.50% over last year. Earnings of DHR (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) section also increased to Rs.11.93 crores surpassing the previous best of Rs 7.64 crores. These milestones have been achieved due to the synergy built on N.F. Railways. Hindusthan Samachar/Arvind/Shri Ram Shaw\
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