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Bengal CM to start election campaign in North Bengal on 3 April

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 1 2019 9:00PM
Bengal CM to start election campaign in North Bengal on 3 April
Siliguri/Kolkata, Apr.l (HS): As Prime Minister Narendra Modi''s first election rally in West Bengal in less than 48 hours away at Siliguri in North Bengal, generating huge enthusiasm amomng the electorate, Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has also decided to start her campaign from Dinhata in neighbouring Coochbegar district,about 50 km away,on the same day on 3 April. According to top Trinamool Congress sources here this evening, Mamata who had gone to Vizac in Andhra Pradesh yesterday to participate in an election rally there today in support of AP Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and his Party Telugu Desam,would reach Dinhata on Wednesay(3 April) morning to address her first formal election rally from there in the same afternoon where in all likely-hood she would continue her tirade against the Prime minister and his party. It may be mentioned that Dinhata is one of the seven Assembly constituencies under Coochbehar Lok Sabha seat which goes to the polls in the first phase on 11 April. However, interestingly the Prime minister on the other hand would hold a massive rally at Siliguri which comes under Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat and would go to the polls in the second phase of elections on 18 April. On the same afternoon the Prime minister Modi would address another huge rally at the historic Brigade Parade Ground in this City of Joy for which preparations have reached the final stages amid tremendous enthusiasm in people from all walks of life. The Bengal Chief minister, though not formally announced, has projected herself as one of the sevral other contenders for the post of Prime minister, in case the United Opposition comes to power in Delhi, has also decided to take part in election campaign in Assam where TMC has fielded several candidates in a few seats. Though it is not yet known, it is expected that Banerjee would leave for upper Assam within the next few days before she would concentrate fully to ensure a resounding victory in West Bengal for her party. Though she had instructed her party leaders and workers to ensure victory in all the 42 Lok Sabha seats from Bengal to strengthen her possible claim for the Prime ministership, according to several pre poll surveys it woulds be very difficult for TMC to win more than 32 seats with the remaining going to the strongest opposition BJP. here.Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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