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Common traits

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Apr 1 2019 7:35PM
Common traits
Lucknow,April 1(HS) A few things are common among Indian politicians.Whenever any one of them goes for a new and additional constituency to contest from it is said that that he or she has gone for it to increase the outreach or enlarge the footprint.No one says that it is because he or she is not 100 per cent sure about the victory from the old seat. Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh had said the same thing when he had filed nomination from Azamgarh in addition to Mainpuri,party''s traditional seat. in 2014.It was repeated when he had resigned from Mainpuri and retained Azamgarh.He filed his papers from Mainpuri again on Monday.Clearly,the statement made after resigning from Mainpuri was a hogwash.Including by-elections the party has won the seat eight times from 1996 to 2014. In the previous poll there was a Modi undercurrent which could be a reason why he had decided to contest from two seats.After re-nomination he made one major announcement and his son,Akhilesh,another.He made it clear that he will not be in the race for the primeministership if the BJP is voted out of power.His son added to it that the issue would be taken up after the opposition victory and not now.The latest to sing the outreach song is the grand old party. Congress president Rahul Gandhi has decided to contest from two seats this year.He was successful in Amethi five years ago.But this time in addition to Amethi he will fight from Wayanad constituency in remote Kerala.It was speculated a week ago after Modi,Modi slogan and a clash between Congress and BJP workers.None had confirmed or denied then. Smriti Irani who was pitted against him in 2014 was declared candidate for the seat again.She has been visiting the constituency frequently,more than Rahul and was drawing huge crowd.Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone there last month was lustly cheered on many occasions. All this could be in the back of his mind,In defence the party men say that Modi has also contested from two seats.So has many others.His grand-mother Indira Gandhi had contested from the south in addition mother Sonia Gandhi.What is being sought to be conveyed is that it is not something new or big.Another common trait.Whenever a party is in the opposition,the annul budget is anti-poor and anti-farmer.It is direction-less.Even some of the moves made during its rule come for criticism.New programmes and policies of the government are eyewash to them.The opposition finds nothing encouraging and good for the nation and its people.They repeat themselves. Still, newspaper and TV journalist make a beeline and ask his or reaction.To visit the riot ,flood and other victims is also a common feature.The spot where the incident happens become a pilgrim centre. They create chaos,traffic hazard and many such problems,but there has been no deviation from practices like these.And as long as all this will pay, they are unlikely to move off the beaten path.HS/RN\
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