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Elaborate arrangements for 9-day Chaitra Ram Navami at Ambika Bhavani temple

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 31 2019 3:37PM
Elaborate arrangements for 9-day Chaitra Ram Navami at Ambika Bhavani temple
Chapra, Mar 31 (HS): With the beginning of nine days worship period of Ram Navami which is also called Chaitra Navami from 6 April, devotees will start thronging the famous temple of Ambika Sthan at village Aami, under Dighwara block in Saran district. District administration has also made elaborate arrangements for the convenience of devotees who will continue to pour in here for consecutive nine days and end their pooja with Havan on the day of Navami. District administration has assured all convenience to devotees ranging from law and order to providing required amenities during nine days fair here. Separate ghats and makeshift lavatories for women devotees are also arranged. Aami situated at the distance of 25 km from district headquarter along Chapra-Patna road and it is claimed to be a Shakti Peeth which different mythological sources corroborate also. Durga Saptshati itself says that when disillusioned with the state of affairs of worldly practices, Raja Surath and Samadhi Vaishya went to the aashram of Medha Muni, who advised them to worship goddess Durga who controls the whole cosmos. Both went to the river side and made Pindis of clay and worshipped. Goddess Durga responded to their prayer and appeared to fulfill their desired wishes. Now, this is the single place in the country which matches the narration made in Durga Saptshati. Shakti Ank of religious book Kalyan also affirms this, stressing that this place is Shakti Peeth. The temple of Durga alongside a river at Kankhal in Haridwar, too, is claimed to be the worship place of these two people, but the idol of Durga is not made of clay there. Though the temple of Daksha Prajapati is situated at Kankhal, Aami is said to be the place of Yagya Sthal - (pyre place) of Prajapati where his daughter Parvati, wife of lord Shiva gave her life after jumping into the fire. She did it as she could not bear the insult of Shiva. Different Purans and related ancient stories say that this temple is situated on the pyre place of Daksha Prajapati. Page 130 of Saran Gazetteer also affirm that this was the place of Raja Prajapati and prayer spot of Raja Surath and Samadhi Vaishya. It is said that when infuriated Shiva took the corpse of Parvati and started Tandav dance to finish the world. Lord Vishnu started cutting the parts of the body of Parvati with his Sudarshan Chakra to mellow down Shiva’s temper, and whichever parts of Parvati where ever fell, it was considered the Shakti-Peeth. In Aami village, the Kati-Pradesh (middle portion) of Parvati fell. Here the idol is in the shape of vulva with nine Pindis. A very strange specialty is that this is situated at a place from where Lord Shiva’s Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Vishvanath temple in Varanasi and Vaidyanath Dham in Deoghar are at equal distance. All the Peeths established by Aadi guru Shankaracharya at Kedarnath, Puri, Rameshwaram and Kanchi are also said to be situated at equal distance from this place. Not only this, local famous Shiva temples Hariharnath at Sonpur, Silhauri at Marhaurrah, Dharmnath temple at Chapra, and Shiva temple at Bihta are also situated at equal distance from Aami. This kind of situation suggests that this place is important from the point of Tantrik worship too. Relation of Shiva and Shakti is prominently pronounced here. People and devotees have great faith in this Shakti Peeth which they adore as a place of fulfilling their wishes. There is a small kund beside the huge Pindi which never dries up. Devotees dig their hands with wishes in their heart and assures themselves of good things in life if they grab some flower or leave. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Shri Ram\
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