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'Arjun Singh has put the future of Bhatpara municipality at stake'

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 14 2019 5:58PM
'Arjun Singh  has put the future of Bhatpara municipality at stake'
Bhatpara/Kolkata,14 March (HS): The future of Trinamool Congress dominated Bhatpara Municipal Corporation in North 24 Parganas hangs in balance after its Chairman Arjun Singh quit TMC and joined BJP in new Delhi today. According to informed sources,of the 34 member Municipality,33 Councillors belonged to TMC and the other to CPI-M.But following Singh joining BJP, a large chunk of his followers among the councillors ,totallinfg 22, is now reportedly all set to follow him and join BJP enmasse. In that case TMC with only 11 remaining councillors would be in minority in the Municipality and might loose the power to rule. On the other hand, new BJP councillors would then be in majority and be in a position to take control of the Bhatpara Munipality to rule a large section of industrial belt of North 24 Parganas district. Keeping this in mind and in view of the new possibility TMC North 24 Parganas District President and state Food and Civil Supply minister Jyotipriya Malliack convened an urgent meeting at the District RTMC headquarters at Madhyamgram today to understand the ground reality. Though some of the Councillors were present at the meeting and reiterated their commitment to TMC, as many as 22 of them did not attend raising a huge question mark about their intention besides causing huge concern among the district party leaders about the possibility of winning all parliamentary seats from North 24 Parganas in the next month''s elections. Meanwhile,some political observers here said if indeed these 22 councillors decided to join BJP, the future of Bhatpara Municipality would certainly be at stake and this might also generate a mass exodus of other disgruntled party leaders and workers elsewhere in Bengal to take similar steps causing more concert to TMC supremo and Chief minister Mamata Banerjee who has so far put up a brave face in public. Hindusthan Smachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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