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Ganna, Gunda and Gandak: still the main issue in elections in Gopalganj

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 14 2019 4:50PM
Ganna, Gunda and Gandak: still the main issue in elections in Gopalganj
Chapra/ Gopalganj,Mar.14 (HS): For the last two decades Ganna, Gandak and Gunda (sugar cane, Gandak and criminals) have remained to be the main issue in the elections in Gopalganj parliamentary constituency, which is the border district of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is worthwhile to mention here that all political parties included this in their Manifesto. Problem of Gunda (criminals) and Gandak (a river causes havoc of flood) have been more of less dealt with but the issue of sugar cane and cane growers most likely to be the big issue during elections as sugar cane growers are reeling under debts of crores. About sixty crores of loan belonging to different banks are accrued to cane growers and they are very much worried over this. Different political parties have only tried to put a balm by promises only. During 2014 parliamentary elections would be Prime minister Narendra Modi had addressed a public meeting here and had told that president of America Barak Obama would taste the sugar of Gopalganj. The very next day Rahul Gandhi had addressed a meeting and assured to eradicate the woes of the cane growers. But the present scenario of the cane growers narrates a different story. Gopalganj is known as ''Gannanchal'' (Land of sugar cane) since British Rule and this is the cash crop. Today cane growers are looking up to factories for payment of their dues. Sasamusa sugar Mill owe forty crores to growers. Hard earned money of the growers are locked in the safes of sugar mills. Growers have already protested against the high handedness of Sidhwaliya sugar mill. The issues this time again will be not getting the Chalan on time, and non payment of compensation in case of destruction of crop. Ramayan Yadav of Bhathva under Kuchaikot police station told that he has not got the payment of last year''s sugar cane from Sasamusa Mill. No body is listening. Ramanand Prasad of Baikunthpur told, some sugar cane is still standing in his field and which he could not dump in lack of non receipt of Chalan. Ramadhar Singh told, marriage of his nephew is hampered as he has not received money worth three lakhs in payment. So, he will vote for that candidate who will genuinely work for solution of the problems of cane growers, he said. There are about 2.50 lakhs cane growers in the district who sow sugar cane on 56 thousand hectares. Informed sources said that 91.80 crore is due to growers from Halakhua Sugar Mill, 37.26 crore due to growers from Sasamusa sugar Mill and 72 crores are due to growers from Sidhwaliya sugar Mill. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Pramod \
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