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Mamata opposes BJP's demand for Media Observer in Bengal

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 14 2019 12:47PM
Mamata opposes BJP's demand for Media Observer in Bengal
By Ankur Bhattacharya Claims, media community does not work under any pressure in West Bengal Chief Minister blames BJP for allegedly spreading canards against the state Hopes, all 42 TMC candidates would win hands down in their constituencies Kolkata, Mar 14 (HS): Continuing her tirade and unabated energy to spit venom on BJP and the Prime Minister at every opportunity on flimsy ground, West Bengal Chief Minister has ridiculed BJP for demanding the appointment of a ''Media Observer'' in the state before the coming elections to ensure that media was not gagged by the ruling Trinamool Congress by any manner whatsoever. Presenting all 42 candidates of her party including 12 women who have been fielded by her for the coming Lok Sabha poll, Trinamool Congress supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed that media community did not work under any pressure and was ''not at all afraid'' in West Bengal, as alleged by BJP in its complaint to the Chief Election Commissioner in New Delhi. They were never controlled by her or by her party in any manner whatsoever, she said adding ''I wonder why they demand for a Media Observer here''. Blaming BJP for allegedly spreading canards against West Bengal, the Chief Minister once again claimed that the ruling party at the Centre had been spreading such rumours with ulterior motive because they themselves were afraid of loosing their deposits in almost each of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state. In a desperate attempt to prove BJP and its complaint wrong, she even sought a positive response from the local media and their cooperation to ward of the opposition criticism. Also making it clear that she was supremely confident that all her 42 candidates would win hands down from their respective constituencies, she said TMC''s list of candidates proved that she believed in India''s Unity in Diversity even in terms of selection of party candidates. About the joint demand from both BJP and Congress to the Election Commission that all 77,000 odd polling booths in Bengal should be declared either as very sensitive or sensitive and must be manned by only CRPF to ensure a free and fair elections, the Chief Minister once again criticised them with very harsh comments but stopped just short of carrying it forward upto the EC. Instead, she said it was up to the Commission to decide. At some point Banerjee also raised the issue of last year''s Assembly elections in Tripura which was won by BJP with two third majority and questioned the victory of most of the BJP candidates. She also did not spare the Prime Minister and severely criticised and condemned him for the current state of affairs in the country''s economy following demonetisation and implementation of GST. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Shri Ram Shaw\
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